National S'mores Day

Have I ever told you guys I have a serious sweet tooth?

About a month and a half ago, I found a Campfire S'mores chocolate bar at Trader Joe's near the checkout that was a life-changing experience. I simply couldn't stop eating it. If I'm being honest, I was snacking on it on my walk to take a spin class...sigh...

Naturally, a day like National S'mores Day is a day I am all about celebrating! For those of you lucky enough to have outdoor space and an outdoor fire pit, you can make these delicious goodies on your own, but for the rest of us who will get fined for starting fires on our balconies, I found you some local spots to celebrate!

Still really just want to make your own s'mores? We can help! Did you know that you can make your own AT YOUR TABLE at Northern Soul? Yup! They give you all the supplies (and fire!) to do it table side. Their food is also delicious complete with free parking, great drinks, and a HEALTHY kids menu! Plus, you can use your Hook-Up card Monday-Friday from 11-4 for a FREE kids entree with an adult's meal. It's really just extra money for s'mores, right!?

Have you ever tried a donut from Schnackenberg's? If you answered anything except yes, get up RIGHT NOW and go there for one! These are amazing! They are my personal go-to when I attend a brunch out of town to bring as my hostess gift and contribution. My personal favorite is the Coconut one, but um, S'mores is certainly taking a close second!

(Spoiler alert...their Boston Cream is actually FULL of Mascarpone're welcome!)

I know you've all seen the Instagram-worthy milkshakes at Birch by now, but have you tried them? You can keep it family friendly or add a shot of liquor into it to make it that well-deserved adult indulgence you know that you have earned! There IS a S'mores one on the menu and if that's not your desired flavor, there are PLENTY more to choose from! They also recently started serving their own homemade gelatos and sorbets and guess what? A s'mores flavor is on that menu too! And, just when I thought I couldn't give you more news from them, they showed me their s'mores cake you can buy for any occasion!

**Bonus! Go in with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up and get 10% off your check EVERY DAY!

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