LH Spotlight: Moms That Click

Did you get a "good camera" so that you could take great pictures of your kid? I did. Melissa did. Soooo many of us did. And it's true, we do take better pictures with that camera. But really, we don't know what we are doing beyond the auto button and our pictures are nothing like we imagined them to be.

I recently took a "Moms that Click" class with one of my favorite photographers, Shana Pangione of Sweet Little Smiles. It was PERFECT!

Shana starts the class off with an intimidating and overwhelming lesson about camera features and fancy photography words that you've never heard before. Honestly, I thought I was going to cry. Some of the other moms were frantically taking notes, others were trying so hard to repeat everything Shana said in an attempt to retain any info possible, and others just tuned out. BUT Shana promised it would all make sense by the end of the class.

And she delivered.

After some practice shots with water bottles, baseballs and flowers, things were starting to click (cheesy pun intended.) She then brought in two adorable models so that we could really practice our new skills with real kids. She walked around to each of us, helping us to get the right angle and settings for the shot. She was an open book and it was so refreshing. She talked about what she does to achieve her own style and where her favorite locations are. She was truly and genuinely there to help us become better.

I have not been able to put my camera down since, and have been taking thousands of pictures of Eliza, my nephew, and my friends' kids too.

I. Can't. Stop.

I am already signed up for more classes with Shana (and miiiigggghhht be stalking her on IG).

Stay tuned for a fun collaboration with Shana and Little Hoboken for one of her classes this fall!



Some pictures with my new "Shana Skillz"

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