LH Spotlight: Hoboken Bike Camp

If you are looking for a place of positivity and happiness in this world, then visit the Hoboken Bike Camp. This 2 week camp is sponsored by the Hoboken Family Alliance, and teaches kids with special needs to ride a bike with the help of some very cool bikes and some incredibly dedicated volunteers. There is ZERO focus on what any individual cannot do. ALL of the focus is on what they can do, how to teach them to do even more, and giving so much praise for each step along the way.

The camp is run 100% by volunteers who each donate their time to the campers as they progress from assisted to independent biking. There are some amazing adult volunteers (some that have been coming back year after year), but what I was really blown away by, was all of the junior & high school kids that were donating their time. Kids that we all assume would be more concerned with their friends, phones, and summer tans....but no, they were teaching others to ride, running along side them, and cheering them on the entire time.

Hoboken Bike Camp is a very special part of the Hoboken community. Each child is sponsored by the HFA and the entire camp is operated by people who donate their time. Visit their site to learn more about signing your child up for next year's camp, or even volunteering yourself!