Jersey City Spotlight: ModCup Coffee Co

ModCup Looking for the perfect coffee spot in JC? Let me tell you, is where it’s at. Before we get into how amazing each offering tastes, let's start with their locations; JC Heights on Palisade Ave (conveniently located across from Riverview Park and a very short walk from the Hoboken Lightrail Elevator), Downtown JC Waterfront in the Harborside Atrium, and Journal Square at 25 Senate Place (across from Mana Contemporary). All locations are very modern in décor and they’re always playing great jams. There is room to settle in to get some work done, to meet up with a friend, or even have a meeting. The guys making the coffee are all extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and talented. My favorite location in particular is the shop on Palisade Ave (that’s only because I live a few blocks away).

The ModCup menu is pretty straightforward and if you can not decide, they will help you based on your mood. Hot, cold, milk, plant-based...they have it all. Espresso, espresso and milk (latte), iced coffee, and iced tea options too! They are all just so tasty and beautiful. The 6oz is my favorite; I feel (taste-wise) it is the most balanced on the menu. In the summer I love the herbal tea and the hibiscus is to die for! If you are a chai person, the iced chai with almond milk is good too! They top it with bee pollen, giving it a nice splash of color.

If you are a coffee person who likes to munch while they drink, they have a nice little line up of French pastries, if you are into something sweet. They also have a couple of savory options available as well; these really awesome BBQ Smoked Brisket rolls with Smoked Mozzarella and a Taylor Ham with American cheese rolls. They are baked and delivered regularly by me...AKA Grandma Downtown. (Editor's Note: We dare you to eat JUST one!)

It is really cool when they pull up the ModCup truck to events. Not only do they sling that amazing coffee, but if you are lucky enough to catch them while they are serving up boozy coffee drinks...ugh, THE best! I highly suggest visiting any of the shops. If you appreciate a quality cup of coffee, you will not be disappointed with the ModCup experience.


Krista is our Jersey City Mama; sharing all things to love in Hoboken's sister city.

As the owner of Grandma Downtown and mommy to an adorable 1 year old boy, Krista has her hands full and is loving it!