Mantra Spray

Now that I am a busy mom, I am always looking for easier ways to incorporate my spiritual practice and mindfulness into found moments throughout the day.

Enter Mantra Spray!

Mantra Spray is an aromatherapy spray for body and space. It contains not only lavender oil for that delicious, calming scent, but charged crystals and reiki and moon energy. In non-hippie speak, that's basically added good vibes and energy from the universe!

Each spray comes with its own mantra (or positive affirmation) meant to be said aloud while also enjoying the aromatherapy. Mine was "I choose how I feel and my state of being".

I loved this one.

It's so easy to allow petty annoyances of the day - traffic, a line at the grocery store, or a demanding boss - to take over our emotions and dictate how we feel and interact in the world. This mantra became my daily reminder that I am in charge of how I react and engage in the world around me.

There's not always time for a full seated meditation, but this product allows me a brief but effective mindful moment whenever I need it!

Thank you, Mantra Spray, for sending some our way!!


Manta Spray was provided free of charge in exchange for this post.

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