There is WHAT in that Piñata??

Have you heard of Nipyata? Well, you need to!

It's this great idea straight out of Jersey City to fill a piñata with mini airplane bottles of liquor, a.k.a. nips!

When they offered to send Cassie and I a custom Nipyata for our 1 Year Anniversary, of course, we said yes! It was a big number one with our logo which was so hard for us to even think about breaking, but let's be honest, we wanted the booze (and candy!) that was inside.

You can get a standard burro or something custom should you prefer it, for all occasions...birthdays (adult, obviously), BBQ's, graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties...and co-founder, Will Hench told me, they even once did a divorce party (custom shaped like the woman's ex) and also gave me the disclaimer that they do not condone violence!

The idea was born in their hometown of Marblehead, MA where a friend would randomly bring homemade versions of Nipyata to parties and they thought the concept could be an actual pre-packaged product to gift and enjoy. The Stay Classy Burrito (standard version) came in the branded packaging with rules, a stick to hit with, and a blindfold. They also do custom fortune labels on the bottles that you can pre-select and customize with funny sayings, fortunes, messages, and dares. We did all mom themes such as "Mommy's Juice", "Moms Love Vodka", and of course, "Drink Like a Mother."

Will also told us that they are working to partner with non-profits and charities to do customized Nipyatas and donate a portion of the proceeds to good causes, because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good party with a purpose?

To get one made for your next event, head to their site and follow them on Instagram @Nipyata !!