LH Spotlight: Swing Buddy

Swing Buddy was created by a NJ mom who wanted a swing cover that stayed in place, was easy to carry and and protected her little one's fingers too. So she created a better swing cover that kept her little one cozy, safe and germ free. As city moms, we know that the playground is a right of passage for our little ones. City parks are our backyard, a place where kids can run around and make new friends.

We sent the Swing Buddy to a local mom for her kiddo's first time in a swing!

As a first time mom, I admittedly am a little over cautious about a lot. So when I was given the Swing Buddy to try not only was it one of those "why didn't I think of this" moments but I was also excited to try it out for Brody's first time in a swing.

When I got to the playground and approached the swing set with the swing cover, I felt the other mom's eyes roll (along with my husband's) at my first-time-mom over protective self. But when they saw how easy it was to use (and clean compared to the swing) they were eager to know where I got this genius invention.

It velcros right onto the swing and protects the baby's skin from the swing. It also has straps that go around the chain to protect your little one's hands from hot summer metal or getting their fingers pinched. It folds up easily to stow away under the stroller and it's super soft and comfortable to sit on.

Totally recommend this product for all mamas (even if it's your second or third time around).- Lora Spear

Swing Buddy is sold online or in town at both Sudsy Buggy and Urban Jungle.

They also have monogrammed options, which make a great gift!

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Lora Spear resides in North Bergen with her six month old son Brody, six year old Porkie, Rex and husband, Dave. By day, she is the Marketing Manager at W Hoboken so they spend lots of time in the mile square club. On weekends, Lora loves to go to the beach, travel, be with friends and family... and drink lots of wine.