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After their 2015 wedding, Ron & Leigh began to think about their future and their hopes for a family. As avid foodies, they realized that there were many options for packaged foods for little ones, but they weren't fresh from the kitchen kind of foods. That's when these two Hoboken locals cooked up one of the best ideas we've heard in a long time.

Smushed Organics is all natural and homemade purees for your baby. All food is made locally in NYC is shipped only to the NY/NJ area (because that's how fresh it is- they won't risk shipping it any further), and is preservative free. The food listed on the front is all that's in it.

Ron & Leigh take their role in the baby-food world very seriously. They realize they are setting a new standard for packaged baby food, and work hard behind the scenes to try new food combinations and flavors. Of course we were excited to try it, but we wanted to really put Smushed Organics to the test. We wanted a mom who takes food just as seriously. Sara Fry is a local mom of one, and a chef working at Hudson Table.

Being a chef, I always thought I would easily make my son’s food once he started eating purees. I was successful early on at creating and freezing various small batches, but boy, does that get tiring – especially now that my little one has such an appetite! So when I saw the Smushed Organics website and their guarantee for healthy, fresh, delicious purees, I was hooked!

You sign up by the week and choose what collection of purees you get. They have two options: Classic Packs, which feature your basic fruit or vegetable flavors, or Little Explorers, which combine different fruits and vegetables. Each of those packs, which come in cartons of six or twelve, can be textured with grains or lentils mixed in. I loved all the options and ended up choosing the textured Little Explorers since my babe is a pretty adventurous eater.

The purees get delivered Sunday mornings, but the owners are incredibly flexible. I had mommy brain and forgot we would be leaving early Sunday morning one day, so they dropped it off early for us. All puree sets always include a cold pack to ensure the freshness.

Now onto the flavors! The first week we got: (1) Mangos, rolled oats & ginger (2) Green peas, chickpeas, quinoa, turmeric, and olive oil and (3) Sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, pears and barley. Yum, yum and more yum! I’m being honest when I say that because the combos sounded so good, I gave a few a try myself. Even without the salt, they were so flavorful and of course Corey loved them! It was great that the grains provided texture so there was no worry about choking. And that’s not mentioning that many of the blends had spices or herbs added to them and helped introduce more flavors to our growing boy.

It’s also a nice bonus to be able to return your jars for a discount on the following week’s purees. The second week we received: (1) Celery root, asparagus, pears, amaranth and mint (2) Sweet potatoes, red lentils, spinach and barley and Corey’s personal favorite (3) Butternut squash, rolled oats, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. He even grabbed the spoon to try and feed himself! The jars last five days in the fridge, but you can freeze them for up to two months. Trust me when I say, it didn’t last long!

It felt great to provide good nutritious food to my little one by just pulling it out of the fridge and it was a nice break from cooking. I hope to continue supporting this Hoboken-based business in the future!- Sara Kartzmer Fry

Smushed Organics is one of the newest additions to the Little Hoboken HookUp card, offering 10% off all orders.

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