National Martini Day!

It’s National Martini Day! How fitting to fall on a Monday just when we need it the most? Traditionally, this iconic cocktail is made with gin and vermouth, and garnished with a twist of lemon or an olive. Whether you like yours straight up or on the rocks, shaken or stirred, dry or perfect, dirty (or extra dirty), we’ve gathered up some of the best spots to order this classic. And if you’re not into the classic martini, we’ve also included some new age picks as well! Cheers!

Since I like to think of martinis as an old school drink, what better place to order one than the oldest family run restaurant in Hoboken! Leo’s Grandevous serves up traditional martinis of course, but also features the Ol’ Blue Eyes Martini (their nod to Frank Sinatra) as well this refreshing Cucumber Lime edition.

If you can wait one more day to celebrate, Tuesday is Martini Night at The Madison Bar & Grill. Their dirty martini has been hailed the best in Hoboken by many, but they have other options as well if that isn’t your cup of tea… or cup of vodka I should say.

Since oysters and martinis make such a perfect pair, we had to feature this one from Stingray Lounge! They have great happy hour specials and are also on the HookUp card (25% off your ENTIRE check on Wednesdays).

This new age stunner from Antique Bar & Bakery is an updated take on the vesper martini. First described in the book "Casino Royale," the vesper martini was originally made with gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet. Antique has updated the James Bond version using Mezcal, Dry Curacao, and Lillet Blanc.

This elegant beauty above is a French Martini from Dino & Harry’s. I love the ambiance there –it’s a perfect spot to order a fancy drink. The French Martini is also a great pick if you like a little fruitiness (raspberry liqueur, pineapple juice) or just want a change!

If you're grabbing a drink in Jersey City, order a martini from Edward's Steakhouse. It's the perfect cocktail to order in this restaurant, which is located inside of a renovated 1800's brownstone in the Historic Downtown section.

This gorgeous espresso martini from The Turtle Club stands out from the rest! It’s made with Caramel Macchiato Vodka, Red Chili Powder Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Handmade whipped cream topped with burnt cinnamon AND an espresso sugar rim. It’s a drink, it’s a dessert, it’s a Monday and I need it.

This post is NOT sponsored. I'm a mom...enough said!