Autistic Pride Day

In honor of Autistic Pride Day here is a showcase of some of my favorite Hoboken organizations that truly support and celebrate the autistic community!

Photo Credit: Advanced Therapy of America

Advanced Therapy of America

Maria & Joe McNish and their staff are nothing short of amazing! They are an incredible team of highly trained professionals who give a concierge level of service to their clients. They offer a large variety of services and cater their approach specifically to each child. Located at 79 Hudson Street, they are one of the only therapy options in Hoboken that offers a much sought after sensory gym, complete with monkey bars, trampolines, rock climbing walls, and sensory swings.

The Inner Athlete

The Inner Athlete provides a FUN atmosphere that promotes self-confidence through sport and movement. Owner, Lisa Hantman has worked closely with the Hoboken Special Needs Parents Group and other area professionals to comprise a special needs version of her classes. Many of the sports activities are modified to accommodate those with disabilities and the children get the more individualized attention that they need to learn and grow. It is a fantastic opportunity for children ages 2 ½ - 7 to gain confidence both through the sport itself and the social interaction they have with their peers. They have even just announced a special needs summer camp that will run from July 7th - 28th. Located in the Monroe center, TIA has a large indoor space of the kids to run, jump, kick, throw and have a great time! Plus, as an added bonus, they are on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up card for classes AND birthday parties!

Big Fun Toys

When it comes to being inclusive, accommodation, and an all-around pleasure to shop with, it doesn’t get better then Big Fun Toys on 6th and Washington Street. In addition to always being willing to help any child and their family, Big Fun also hosts sensory sensitive craft days! Typically only costing $5 a child, this activity is a STEAL in Hoboken. They bring all the supplies, all you need to bring is your little one. Last month the craft was creating your own thinking putty, an activity that stimulates and calms those with sensory processing disorder. Bonus! Get a discount here too when you shop with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up card!

Jump On In

Looking for a safe and friendly place to let your autistic child have the time of their life? Look no further! Jump On In, in Hasbrouck Heights is the place to be! So this one isn’t exactly in Hoboken, but it is definitely worth the drive or bus ride to check it out! Almost once a month JOI offers a Special Needs Bounce where the music is turned off, there are no flashing lights and everyone is free to be themselves and have fun! It is super clean and a great workout for mom too! Both of my children absolutely love jumping, climbing and sliding there!


If you have another business to add to this list, as always, let us know!

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