Single Momma: TGIF! (...or NOT!)

One of our favorite twosome activities? Hitting the farm!

Here, Lucy is getting cozy with some chicks.

TGIF, right? Nope! For the first few months of Lucy’s life, I would dread when the weekends rolled around. Because while I had plenty of new mom friends who I hung out with during the week — we would grab coffee and spend hours on a blanket in our building’s backyard, watching our littles try to roll over — they all had husbands who they (quite rightfully!) wanted to hang out with on Saturdays and Sundays. That meant Lucy and I were left with 48 hours to entertain ourselves.

Then I realized that we could still have fun, even if it was just the two of us. In order to maximize our weekend, I start thinking about potential plans as early as Monday or Tuesday. I like having a few activities locked in. Lucy has never been a napper on-schedule, which makes it easy for her to nap in the car. And as she’s gotten older, she’s been really good company. Here, some of our favorite ways to spend the weekends — file these away in your “to-do” toolkit — even if you’re just a single mama for a weekend, they’re awesome activities.

The Gym. We go to Base Gym in Jersey City, which has morning childcare. Having two childfree hours is a really good incentive to drag myself over in the morning — although I confess that sometimes I’ll just go with my laptop and catch up with work (or let’s be honest, catch up on Insta) with a coffee while Lucy plays with her little friends.

A Lightrail Date With Pizza. Lucy is fascinated by the Light Rail — and taking it to a destination seems like much more of a capital E Event than just walking somewhere local. One of our go-to activities is to catch the light rail to 9th street and grab pizza from Panello’s for an early dinner date on a Saturday Or Sunday.

The Park. Yes, it’s obvious, but it also has to be said: The park is the best place to go for burning off excess energy, having spontaneous meetups with friends, and maybe even grabbing an ice cream treat. Our local is Hamilton Park in Jersey City — if you haven’t been, the playground (including a fenced-in part for the tiniest tots) is definitely worth a visit.

The Farm. We go to a farm almost once a week. Some of my favorites: Stone Barns Center in Tarrytown, NY, Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ and Green Meadows Farm in Hazlet. Each is about an hour drive away, allowing you and your little to get some fresh air in the country as well as some amazing Insta opportunities.

Battery Park. We love taking the ferry to Battery Park. We’ll grab lunch at the food court at Brookfield place, then play in the nearby playground. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll walk the mile down to the Sea Glass carousel, or we’ll just set up a blanket and play on the grass overlooking New Jersey.

Any other ideas? How do you spend your weekends?


Anna Davies lives in the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City with her two-year-old daughter, Lucy. Anna is a writer who has written for The New York Times, The New York Post, Glamour, Cosmo, Elle and others. She's also written thirteen young adult novels, including ghostwriting five Gossip Girl novels (shhh!) Prior to Jersey City, Anna lived in Brooklyn for ten years and is a Northern NJ native. She loves going on adventures with Lucy; follow along @babybackpacker on Instagram.