Little Hoboken Turns One!

We couldn't believe it either!

It's kind of like how you feel about your can't believe they are growing so quickly and time is flying and then on the other hand, you can't imagine life without them!

Personally, I can't remember a time that I didn't eat, sleep, and breathe Little Hoboken. A time that my son didn't point out our logo on store windows and doors, or a time that Cassie and I didn't talk on the phone 400 times in a day and generally never remember the reason we initially called one another until that 401st call!

But, we did it and we are so, so proud of it! We have worked countless hours, had about four million ideas (per day), and spent a lot of money to get to where we are in year one and you haven't even seen what's coming in year two!!!

Naturally, as a party planner (and two moms who love an excuse to wear the good shoes and drink wine), we needed to throw a party!

Our party wouldn't have been what it was without all of our friends, family members, supportive business members, loyal subscribers and followers of Little Hoboken, and members of our amazing community. No one was more surprised than Cassie and I when Councilman Ravi Bhalla and Mayor Zimmer's office presented us with a commendation award for our work in the community. We all knew Cassie would cry, but I even got teary-eyed over this one!

We need to give special thanks to all the amazing vendors we worked with to make our party what it was.... Kolo Klub for your fab space, Hudson Cakery for that RIDICULOUS cake and cupcakes, Hoboken Gourmet for the delicious eats, DeeLorri Photobooth for the custom step and repeat and social media photo booth with props, Amour and Lace Photography for the gorgeous photos you see in this post, DJ Michael Demby for keeping the party going, and Ten Twelve Designs for our invitations and custom favor labels, so everyone could #popbottleslikeamother

We'd be remiss to mention that since we do everything local, we also hit up local faves to be our own glam squad that night...Up and Out, Blo-It-Out Lounge, Jennifer Dockendorff of JD Artistry, and Amanda Mayr, you are all THE BEST!!!!!

One last note...for anyone who attended and has been poking at me since then...I DO give hugs! Cassie gives hugs like Tic Tacs and so she made up a lie to make me hug her in public! I still love her though....grumble...


Melissa and Cassie