Fur Baby Love...And the Bond They Have With Our Human Babies!

Melissa and I both were fur mamas before bringing our human babies into this world. We both love and adore our 4-legged babies. BUT.... neither of us were prepared for the love and bond that would form between our children of different species.

Eliza and our yorkie, Ruby, are inseparable and they have been since day 1 (ok, maybe day 5. It took Ruby a little while to figure out what that thing was that we brought home. But once she did, she has not left Eliza's side!) Ruby will lay there and let Eliza put stickers all over her or sit by her side as she eats, patiently waiting for Eliza to drop some of her snack. Eliza demands that Ruby put her to sleep and that she is the last goodnight kiss that she gets. Ruby goes crazy at the first noise Eliza makes in the morning and tries to tell anyone who will listen that she is awake so she can run & jump into her crib for morning kisses. Watching the two of them has been so much fun. (sometimes INSANE, but still, so much fun!)

So, we wanted to highlight some local kiddos and their fur-siblings to show off the incredible bond. All photos are by an amazing pet photographer: Cristina Ponsell, owner of Cristina's Pawfect Photography (Psst...See below for a great deal!!)


Charlotte & Rosie

Barrett & Wrigley

Kane & Chaos

Eliza & Ruby

A HUGE thank you to Cristina (and her husband/assistant) for capturing these amazing pictures! Take a look at her website for more information- she is SO great with the fur-babies!! And, we have a special deal of $100 off your session. Valid for the first 10 people who book, so call quick!!