Om Is Where the Heart Is (An Event!)

Several years ago, I began experimenting with meditation.

So many of the people I looked up to - yoga teachers, spiritual advisors, even celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah, and Gwenyth Paltrow had raved about the benefits of a regular meditation practice. The benefits promised included stress and anxiety reduction, improved concentration, even physical benefits like boosting immunity!

What was most appealing to me was the idea of sitting quietly with myself. In a time where we are fully connected 24/7, it seemed radical just to SIT - no iPhone allowed. So I began slowly. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I found guided meditations online, and sat a little longer in savasana after a yoga class. Eventually, I found a weekly meditation circle here in Hoboken.

Group meditation is what really does it for me. There is a magic that happens in the current of collective meditative energy!

In this spirit, I am happy to announce that Little Hoboken will be partnering with Asana Soul Practice to host a group meditation event - Meditated as a Mother.

This is an amazing opportunity for those new to or curious about meditation. This 30 minute guided meditation (accompanied by essential oils!) will give you a dose of zen guaranteed to get you hooked on the practice.

Bring your friends, the more zen-ergy, the better!