Introducing LH's Jersey City Mama!

One year ago, around 36 weeks pregnant, in between nesting and baking, I stumbled across Little Hoboken. You can relate, right? All the nervousness and excitement flowing, feeling like you’re about to burst, er-- about to give birth, I mean. As a first time mom (and the first out of my girlfriends) I found relief in finding help to adjust to this new lifestyle. Where to go, what to do, places to visit, people to know, just everything!

My husband Francis and I met back in 2006 while I was visiting my bestie at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Oddly enough, we are both Hudson County lifers, yet we never crossed paths here. With that in the books, let’s fast forward to May 31, 2016. On my actual due date, I woke up with contractions around 5AM. I was timing them until 7:45ish when I felt him roll over next to me, I rolled too, “you are not going into work today." 15 hours later, Baby Francis was born. Yes, 15 hours of labor that resulted in an emergency c-section, but that’s a story for another day.

Before Baby Francis, there was my first business, Grandma Downtown. It is an online based specialty bread shop and kitchen aka your inner carb-obsessed foodie's favorite new thing! We are best known for our stuffed breads. In 2014 GMDT began vending at farmers markets in Hob & JC, selling wholesale to coffee shops and taking personal orders for delivery. I love it. I love cooking, I love baking, I love experimenting and by pursuing this dream I found out how much I truly love to feed people. My astrological sign is Cancer, so naturally I am very nurturing. This all helps with the new titles I own, “wife” and “mama.”

Francis, Baby Francis, and I call JC Heights home. We love it, we rep it, we are so comfy and content. Just a couple flights of stairs away from Hoboken, a nice scenic walk to the downtown area of Jersey City, and so much in between.

My name is Krista Kenny. I am your Jersey City resident mama and I am going to guide you to all the cool and fun things to do here!

Want to know more about specific things to do, places to go, or overall Jersey City info?

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Krista is a mom of one adorable little boy & is a born and raised Hudson County girl. She has a passion for Jersey City and for baking. Her delicious breads, Grandma Downtown, are sold in stores and markets throughout JC. Krista shares her love of JC, her favorite spots and stories of raising a family in Hoboken's sister city.