Crafty Mom: Trader Joe's Meal Hacks

Over the past few years, I’ve collected some delicious and easy Trader Joe’s meal hacks from friends (and Pinterest). They are quick and yummy combinations of premade TJ’s foods that save you from ordering Seamless or making another mac & cheese when there just isn’t time to cook from scratch. Some of these I’ve made hundreds of times and some are pretty new to me, so if you have any other recipes or suggestions please pass them along!

Also, make sure you grab a bag of their Truffle Marcona Almonds, they are pretty amazing.

Pulled Pork (or Chicken) Tacos

-1 Package TJ’s BBQ Pulled Pork (or Chicken)

-1 Package of TJ’s Tortillas

-1 Jar of TJ’s Island Salsa

-1 Bag of TJ’s Shredded Mexican Cheese

-1 Avocado

Microwave the Pulled Pork. Dice up the Avocado. Then create a little assembly line for taco night. (This is my family’s favorite & my 2 year old LOVES making her own dinner.)

Editor’s Note: Nina referred this recipe and we tried it several times now. It’s the only night we get Kane to eat meat!! He’s so proud of his handiwork!

Lemon Feta Couscous

-1 ½ Cups of TJ’s Whole Wheat Couscous

-2 Cups of Fresh Spinach or TJ’s Frozen Chopped Spinach (thaw or microwave frozen before cooking)

-1 Jar of TJ’s Roasted Peppers or Sundried Tomatoes

-1 Can of TJ’s Garbanzo Beans

-4 Ounces of TJ’s Feta Cheese

-1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

-Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

Bring 1 ½ Cups of water to boil in a large pot. Remove from heat and stir in the spinach and couscous. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes. While it sits, rinse and chop the roasted peppers. Drain and rinse the garbanzo beans. Crumble the feta cheese. Add all the remaining ingredients to the pot of couscous and spinach. Mix well and serve.

Mandarin Orange Chicken Rice Bowls

-1 Package TJ’s Mandarin Orange Chicken

-2 Bags TJ’s Frozen Jasmine Rice

-Sliced Scallions

-Sesame Seeds

Cook the Mandarin Orange Chicken according to the package. Cook the Jasmine Rice according to package. Once everything is cooked, layer in a bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds and scallions. Voila!

Falafel Wrap

-1 Package TJ’s Frozen Falafel

-1 Package TJ’s Frozen Naan

-1 Container TJ’s Tzatziki


-Shredded Lettuce -Sliced Tomatoes -Sliced Red Onions -Sliced Cucumbers

Heat the Falafel and Naan according to the package. Spread the Tzatziki onto one side of the naan and top with the Falafel and whichever veggies you’d like. Roll up the naan, slice in half, and serve.

And for Dessert… Cookie Butter Popsicles

-3/4 Cup of TJ’s Cookie Butter

-1/2 Cup of TJ’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

-1/2 Tsp of Sea Salt

-2 Cups of Milk

-1 large Banana

-Popsicle molds or craft sticks and paper cups

Combine the cookie butter, salt, milk and banana in a blender until it is all one color. Place the chocolate chips in the bottom of the popsicle molds or paper cups. Pour the blender mix into the cups until they are 2/3 full. If you’re using molds, just insert the stick and cover. For the paper cups, cover with tinfoil and then make a hole in the center and insert a craft stick. Freeze overnight. When ready to eat rip off the paper cup and tinfoil.


Nina lived in NYC for 10 years, but after starting a family, she and her husband decided to move to this side of the Hudson. She loves exploring Hoboken with her 2 year old daughter Scarlett, Pinterest fails, coffee, and the Villanova Wildcats.