LH Spotlight: Hoboken Tutors

This post is sponsored by Hoboken Tutors. All opinions are our own.

Sometimes your kid's homework is a little more intense than you would like admit. Sometimes you need someone to help. That someone is Esther Hecht of Hoboken Tutors.

Hoboken Tutors offers one-on-one lessons in all academic subjects, standardized test preparations, and high school and college entry preparation. At the core of all tutoring is the core belief that it is essential to develop a student's self confidence in order to help them to succeed. We like it!

Esther is a smarty pants with degrees from Columbia University and Rensselaer Plytechnic Institute, and truly enjoys explaining complicated topics in illuminating ways. With many years teaching and tutoring she works closely with with parents, teachers, counselors, therapists and specialists in order to ensure success and progress.

And...she even makes each student sign a memorandum of understanding: to commit to arrive on time to each session and to be open to learning and growing. We really like it!

Local mom of three, Shana Lee, visited Hoboken Tutors with her daughter to try it out and bring back the scoop:

Our meeting with Esther at Hoboken Tutors could not have gone better. In a pre-conversation about my daughter’s needs, we decided to focus on writing and test prep for the PARCC. Esther listened to our situation and was ready for the appointment. While my daughter is intelligent, she sometimes has trouble with taking tests. I feel as if she reads the instructions too quickly and misses the point of the assignment. Esther was quite helpful in preparing my daughter for the reading part of the test. She shared useful tips and recommended shortcuts as tools to further deepen my daughter’s test taking.

Since this session was mainly about getting her ready for State test, Esther was able to give pointers in an easy to understand method. They were able to pick out useful information in summarizing a paragraph. Esther came prepared, the session began on time, she was knowledgeable, and patient. Esther helped my daughter with PARCC prep and had appropriate background training. My daughter can be quite talkative and she and Esther hit it off quite well. Esther was professional and very pleasant, enthusiastic, and committed to her work.

Esther is a great tutor!!! She was easy to communicate with and extremely flexible! I was a bit worried about my daughter having a tutor, but Esther made it such a rewarding experience. I would highly recommend Hoboken Tutors for SAT, ISEE, PARCC Prep or just a little extra help with homework!!! We definitely would use Esther again.-Shana Lee

Hoboken Tutors is located on Washington Street, and is offering anyone interested a complimentary consultation.

AND... LH HookUp Card holders get $40 off a 12 hour tutoring package. Visit the website or call (201) 706-8441 for more information.


Shana Lee is a local mom of 3 children; 1 in high school and 2 at The Elysian Charter School. She has been volunteering with the Hoboken Family Alliance, a non-for-profit organization in town helping families connect with other families for the past 14 years. She works part time at the United Synagogue of Hoboken as a teacher and has been for the past 14 years. In her spare time (ha!), she is an online fitness coach with Beachbody Fitness.