LH Spotlight: Super Duper Tennis

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My first tennis lesson was when I was 6 or 7 years old through the local town recreation department. I remember being with a huge group of kids on the high school tennis courts and feeling SO cool to be there. I started these lessons with one of my childhood besties, and after she moved to another school (in the same town but it seemed SO far away) our lessons together became "our thing" and our way to see each other every week.

Even at such a young age, tennis was an important part of my social life. Yes, it taught me life skills, such as independence, self-esteem, self-control, patience, perseverance, how to work under pressure, discipline, mind-over-matter, and sportsmanship. Each of these are crucial to a tennis player. However it also taught me a lot about teamwork and friendships, and became a big player in my self-confidence and ability to relate to others. Playing tennis allowed me to stay in touch with my (1 mile away) long-distance best friend, make friends in camp, and even adulthood. When my husband and I moved away to Indianapolis (read more about that here), I didn't know anyone. The first thing I did was find the local tennis club and sign up for as many groups, lessons, and teams that I could. It was at the club that I found an amazing group of women who not only became my friends, but also became my support system during my fertility battle. (Ps- we went on to win the Indiana State Championship that summer- what! what!)

Tennis is an incredible sport that teaches you so much about yourself & others. One local program, Super Duper Tennis, is the perfect start to this sport.

Super Duper Tennis is led by Leo Mihalkovitz, a former college player with years of experience teaching tennis with kids. Leo brings his unique skills to the courts in both Hoboken and Jersey City, offering private lessons and camps for ages 3 and up.

Leo and his team teach the fundamentals of tennis with fun drills and games using the newest kid-friendly equipment. (They didn't have the low-bouncing balls when I was learning as a kid!). For more information or to sign your kiddo up, visit or email Leo!

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