Girls On Film #Hobokenlove

Cassie and I have been wanting to change our photos on the site for quite some time. Cassie wanted new ones to reflect more of what the blog is about…Hoboken and Local Loyalty. I wanted new pics because I looked fat and my hair was pretty grey (plus, I got to use a Duran Duran song title as the title of this post). This sort of gives you an inside look at our meetings.

We also wanted pics without our kids, because we all know that two toddlers who are obsessed with one another simply ignore all direction and run for the Hudson River arm-in-arm.

Enter Danielle Guenther.

You guys already know who she is since you voted her your favorite family photographer in Hoboken in our 2016 Little Hoboken Awards. You also all have seen her amazing “real life” images. But, did you know that she is not only a talented photographer and local mommy, but gorgeous and fun too? Do you normally have a dance party with your photographer when you do shoots? Follow her on Instagram to see all her silly stories and adventures! Danielle scouted some fun locations for our shoot which began in the Monroe Center after we got ready with our glam squad.

Celeste of Salon Phoenix did fab blowouts for us both. She cuts and colors both of our hair, so it seemed like a no-brainer here. Meanwhile, Jenn Dockendorff of JD Artistry covered our mommy circles and made us pretty! All clothes and accessories were from Dear Hannah, Alba, and No 18 which were featured in all the shots to make it a truly Hoboken experience!

Be sure to follow ALL of them on Instagram and Facebook and use them all for your next photo shoot, shopping excursion, or hair and makeup needs! Stay tuned for updates on the site using some of these fab pics!

Side Note…..Salon Phoenix, JD Artistry, Alba, and No 18 are ALL on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up card!