Single Momma: You Are Not Alone

If you had told me five years ago I’d be a single mom in New Jersey, I would have said you were crazy!

Five years ago, I was working as a senior editor at Cosmo, dating all sorts of guys on Tinder, and was incredibly in love with my single life. I lived in a sun-dappled two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, spent weekends running New York Road Runners races and loved meeting friends for Happy Hour.

But then things shifted. I got laid off from Cosmo and decided to go full-time freelance. I traveled a ton and ended up getting pregnant in Ireland. While Lucy turned out to be the best souvenir I could have imagined, coming to terms with being pregnant was definitely an adjustment. All my stuff was back in the States in storage. I didn’t have an apartment. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have anything — except the unwavering conviction I could make this work.

I decided to move to Jersey City sight unseen for the simple reason there were a lot less hoops to jump through than trying to rent in Brooklyn. I had grown up in New Jersey, so it felt like a cliche for me to come back to live twenty miles away from where I was born.

But it was the best decision. Lucy and I have made so many friends, and we have so many adventures in Hoboken, Jersey City, and further afield in New Jersey. But it’s not always easy. Being a single parent can definitely cause some unique hurdles — how do you date, how do you deal with a sleepless night when your LO and you are both sick — that coupled-up parents don’t necessarily have to face. I’m excited for you to follow along on our adventures!


Anna Davies lives in the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City with her two-year-old daughter, Lucy. Anna is a writer who has written for The New York Times, The New York Post, Glamour, Cosmo, Elle and others. She's also written thirteen young adult novels, including ghostwriting five Gossip Girl novels (shhh!) Prior to Jersey City, Anna lived in Brooklyn for ten years and is a Northern NJ native. She loves going on adventures with Lucy; follow along @babybackpacker on Instagram.