Crafty Mama: My Chick

Craft Adapted From:

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Well Hello Spring! Now that we finally have some warmer weather I was excited to celebrate my favorite time of year with this really cute and not too messy craft that I came across on Pinterest (and by "came across" I mean weeded through endless “toddler craft” posts that looked too challenging for Martha Stewart, nevermind my 2.5 year old).

The baby chick from this is really the best part and my daughter was able to do most of that herself, which made her extra proud of the final product. If you are short on time or supplies you can easily omit any part. Just color the chick instead of using tissue paper or even skip the hatching egg part altogether.


  • Print the Chick Hatching Pattern found here

  • White construction paper (optional)

  • Crayons

  • Watercolors (I skipped this entire step)

  • Yellow tissue paper

  • Googly eyes

  • Orange cardstock paper (or just construction paper)

  • Yellow fluffy feathers (you could skip these if you don’t have them)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Newspaper or a surface you don’t mind covering in glue and crayon (Again, I use this splat mat for everything!)

Get to Crafting

Step 1: Print and cut out the pattern. I didn’t think our computer paper was sturdy enough for this project so I opted to trace the pieces onto white construction paper and cut those out. You definitely don’t need to do that but I do think it made the pieces more durable.

Step 2: Have your child color on the cracked eggshell cutout with crayons. Do not give a box of 64 crayons to your toddler and then turn your back.

Step 3: I skipped this entire step. Paint over the cracked eggshell piece with watercolors, the crayons resist the paint so that it looks extra vibrant. The original post does look great with the brightly painted egg but I didn’t think it was worth getting out the paint set and then telling my daughter she could only paint one tiny piece of paper. I try to pick my battles.

Step 4: Take the small oval shaped cutout and put thin lines of glue all over. Then cut your yellow tissue paper into small squares. Crumple up the paper and stick the pieces onto the stripes of glue. My daughter enjoyed this part the best, and it was really great watching her do this whole step on her own while I sipped my coffee.

Step 5: Cut a diamond shape out of your orange cardstock or construction paper and fold it in half to make a beak. Glue that and the googley eyes onto the small oval shape that you just covered in tissue paper to make the chick face. Then glue the two yellow feathers on the sides to make wings. Don’t cut the feathers, they will shed and fly everywhere. I’m still finding tiny yellow pieces floating around my kitchen!

Step 6: Take the cracked egg piece and put a thin line of glue along the bottom and around the sides but NOT along the top. It should be a like a pocket.

Step 7: Once everything has dried you can slide the little chick piece in and out of the of the egg.


Nina lived in NYC for 10 years, but after starting a family, she and her husband decided to move to this side of the Hudson. She loves exploring Hoboken with her 2 year old daughter Scarlett, Pinterest fails, coffee, and the Villanova Wildcats.