Crafty Mama: Tie Dye Eggs

Ladies and Gentlemen. Moms of all ages. We are thrilled to introduce to you the crafty, DIY-loving, Pinterest-pinning momma we all thought we would be! Let's face it, we all troll Pinterest and Tasty and other websites saving links to all the amazing projects and recipes that we would love to do one day. But how many of us actually do them?!?

Not me. (Sorry, Eliza!)

Well, lucky little Scarlett can say that her mommy does! Nina is our newest contributor, "The Crafty Mama," and we are so excited she has joined our team! Nina's first order of business...Tie Dye Eggs!!


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I love these Tie Dye Eggs so much that I’m trying to think of a way to do this all year round. It was so much easier than the traditional kit from the grocery store and the eggs look better too! They do need to dry overnight so don’t put this one off until Easter morning.

The original posts warns you to wear rubber gloves so that you don’t dye your hands, but we didn’t and all the staining came off during bath time that night. They also suggest using a table fan on the eggs to dry, but I just left them overnight so we had a fun surprise to open in the morning.


  • Paper Towels

  • Food Coloring

  • White Eggs

  • Spray Bottle of water

  • Elastics or twist ties

  • Rubber Gloves (optional)

  • Newspapers or a surface you don’t mind dying with food coloring ( I love this one and use it for everything)


Step 1: Hard boil the number of eggs you want to dye. (I started with a dozen but cracked 4 of them so factor that in. (Does anyone have boiling tips for me? Clearly I’m doing something wrong.)

Step 2: Once the eggs have cooled wrap each one in a piece of paper towel. Half of a full size sheet, or a small select-a-size sheet is enough. Use a twist tie or small elastic to secure them.

Step 3: Put drops of food coloring all over the paper towels. They recommended leaving spaces between each drop of color but I just let my daughter go crazy with them and hers looked exactly the same as the ones that I did very carefully. Go figure!

Step 4: Use your spray bottle of water to wet all the spots of color on the paper towels. Again, they suggested being careful not to oversaturate the paper towels, but where is the fun in that? My daughter totally soaked ours, and they still came out great.

Step 5: Gently squeeze the egg to get rid of any excess water and to make sure all the dye gets onto the egg. This is when you really get dye on your hands.

Step 6: Set the eggs to dry overnight, or under a fan for a few hours. Once the paper towels are completely dry unwrap your beautiful eggs!


Step 7: Twist a pipe cleaner around the center of the tie-dyed paper towel sheets to make little butterflies.


Nina lived in NYC for 10 years, but after starting a family, she and her husband decided to move to this side of the Hudson. She loves exploring Hoboken with her 2 year old daughter Scarlett, Pinterest fails, coffee, and the Villanova Wildcats.

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