App-Solutely Exciting News!

So many people wanted to know how they can keep track of all the businesses on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up card.

We are currently almost at 140 vendors and continue to grow each week thanks to the hard work of our amazing LH Hook-Up Program Manager, Melissa Goldin-Magee!

Yes, businesses have stickers in their windows and tents on their counters, but wouldn't it be easier to just have a handy guide? Something you could search through? A place to search a business by name and find out their deal?

We fixed that!


The Little Hoboken App!

This free resource keeps the Hook-Up deals at your fingertips, easy access to little lists, our events, the shop, and of course, the blog!

It's been a complete labor of love (and sometimes hate) that we built all on our own! Pretty cool for a pair of moms who went to college as the Internet was being launched, right?

This app is live on Android and available for download now and will be on Apple in the next couple of days....stay tuned for that announcement!

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