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There are two very common questions that come up among breastfeeding moms:

"Where can I donate my overflowing supply of breastmilk?"


"What can I do to produce more milk?!"


Bundle Organics (makers of our favorite prenatal juice) is now also making teas for pregnant and new moms. We love this all-natural, organic, and OBGYN-recommended brand, so we sent one breastfeeding mama some Bundle Organics Lactation Support Tea to see what she thought and if it helped. Here is her review:

"I am the new mom of a 6 month-old little girl and I have just returned to work full-time. Before, returning to work, my daughter was mostly breastfed and I never had an issue with supply, under-supply at least. Through the first 4 months I had a bit of an over supply and was able to build a hefty stash of frozen breast milk. Unfortunately, as I returned to work my supply has taken a hit and I have quickly been working my way through my stash as I am producing just under what my daughter drinks daily at daycare. Thankfully, in came this opportunity to try the lactation support tea by bundle organics. Just an FYI, besides drinking lots of water and eating oatmeal daily, I was doing nothing else to help boost my supply.

I am not a big tea drinker, but this tea tasted so good, I would consider drinking it even after I am done breast feeding! So there it is, it tastes great. The directions say to drink around 3 cups a day, and it tastes so good this was not a problem. I have heard that some lactation teas taste like licorice and can be overbearing – this was definitely not the case. I tried to drink some at night, then some throughout the day and while at work. I would say I averaged around 2 -3 cups a day. It tastes like a refreshing lemon tea. If the weather was warmer, I would brew a batch and make it iced tea and think it would be delicious.

But Does it work?

I breast feed on the weekends and pump during the week. I had been charting my productivity while pumping daily at work, so I had a relatively good idea of what I was producing during my 3 daily sessions. Prior to starting the tea I would pump and average of 2oz per side per session. I would consistently have tea at night before bed, and at least once, but sometimes twice during the day. After starting the tea on a Saturday, my Monday AM pumping session was quite exciting. I was able to pump 3 oz per side. Then my lunch time session was about the same 3 oz on one side, 2 oz on the other. And my final session of the day remained the same at about 2 oz per side. As I continued drinking the tea, this pattern remained. The early morning sessions would produce at least 1-2 more ounces of milk and the PM session would be consistent at 2 oz. per side. There were a few days where I just forgot or was very busy and didn’t get a chance to have tea before bed. These days, I would definitely notice a drop in supply and would only pump 2 oz. per side at each session.

Overall this product is great. It tastes good which makes it easy to drink and to drink a lot of it. It works, at least for me, as I definitely saw an increase in my supply on days when I drank it. "

-Kellianne, Hoboken mom of 1 adorable little girl


Bundle Organics teas & juices are available at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Kings. You may also purchase on Amazon HERE

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