LH Spotlight: Nurse to Nurture

This post is sponsored by Nurse to Nurture, and all opinions are our own.

As two moms who had trouble breastfeeding, Melissa and I know all too well how difficult it is figure it out and how much pressure there is on new moms to breastfeed. Personally, I had so much trouble that I pretty much threw in towel after a few days. (I still pumped, but formula was in the mix too!). I knew I needed help, BUT I didn't want to call a lactation consultant because I didn't want to be pressured into doing something that just didn't feel right for me and my baby. I assumed a lactation consultant would be SO pro-breastfeeding that they would make me feel bad for giving up so easily and giving my baby formula.

That's why when we met Tierney Norris, we knew we had to bring her to your attention. Tierney is a mom of two, a registered nurse (RN) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Her nursing career was mostly in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and her breastfeeding journey was also one with struggle and stress. Her background gives her a different approach, and one that is balanced and a true "whole picture". Some babies need formula. Some babies need medicine. Some babies need more than the mom can give them. Some moms need Tierney.

Her medical background gives her a different approach to breastfeeding, a mother's mental health, and a baby's physical needs. She is different. She is the perfect balance that a new mom needs in those precious few days of motherhood.

Tierney has created a unique business model that sets mothers up to succeed. Tierney's idea is simple. If a mother gets all of the information BEFORE they have the baby, then they are better prepared for issues that may come up. Instead of calling a consultant only once you have problems, Tierney establishes the relationship with her clients before they deliver, teaching them their rights in the delivery room, basic newborn care, and preparedness for breastfeeding success.

Janelle & Matt Gross were local expectant parents with some questions about their birth plan and some hesitations about breastfeeding. As Janelle said, she wanted to breastfeed, but had heard so many stories of difficulty that she had mentally prepared herself for it not to work out. We set Janelle & Matt up with a pre-baby & post-baby meeting with Tierney to learn more about how she works and to see what a new mom would think!

"While I’ve spent a ton of time with kids- I was a live-in nanny abroad, have a masters in special education, babysat a ton and spent a lot of time with my niece since she was born- I still didn’t feel very prepared to raise my own little one (especially a newborn. A tiny baby scared me!) Matt and I are not afraid to admit we need help in some areas, so we sought out any opportunities we could find to learn. The area I was most stressed about was breastfeeding, I REALLY want it to work and want to be as prepared as possible in case I had challenges- as it seemed so many people I knew did .

We took some local classes (one on breastfeeding and one on sleep in the 1st year) which were both very informative. When the opportunity came up to work with Tierney we were very eager to work with someone one-on-one, (to be honest something we didn’t consider before because we thought it would be too expensive.) I expected to have some peace of mind but wasn’t sure how much I would learn that we didn’t hear at the other class.

The biggest thing I learned from Tierney was that I had options when it came to the actual delivery of our baby. I’m one who usually trusts in doctors, maybe a little too much, to tell me what needs to happen- so I never thought I could make requests for how I wanted things to go. Listening to Tierney's advice and doing things the way I really wanted to was a game changer for me. That experience made her advice priceless to me.

She gave us a lot of advice on feeding schedules, latching, etc. which also gave me a lot of confidence those first few days. I didn’t think I would remember what I had learned prior to him being born, but somehow it all clicked when he got here.

We met again two months after Lucas was born. While we haven't had any major issues, it was such a comfort knowing I had a person to call if we did. Our follow up meeting was a great time to follow up on some questions, and it was so nice to have her confirm what I was doing right. She game me a few tips on how to improve the latch (even if it is going well, it doesn't hurt to get better). It was also a great time to ask some questions about what I need to do down the line when we introduce food and start sleep training.

Overall I’d say her introductory meeting turned out to be priceless. The knowledge she gave us going into it prepared me more than I even realized at the time of the meeting and has been a huge factor in our breastfeeding success! (That and my boobs somehow morphed into the ‘perfect shape’ according to the hospital lactation consultant who came by to check on us, haha, so thanks to my body for that I guess!) -Janelle, mom to 6 week old Lucas

If you are an expecting mama, I urge you to call Tierney. I've never given as strong as statement as this one. Seriously. Call her. Your post-baby crazy self (and your poor boobies!) will thank you!

For more information about Tierney and her services, visit Nurse to Nurture.