LH Spotlight: Language Learning Network

This post is sponsored by Language Learning Network, all opinions are our own.

A new language class is coming to town and we got the scoop (and a trial class) for you!

The Language Learning Network is an innovative program that is currently running in East Rutherford and heading to Hoboken. Classes explore language through hands-on art projects, activities and play, helping each child to incorporate their newly learned vocabulary into a fun activity with their friends.

LLN offers early childhood language programs (in Spanish, German, French & more) using the Reggio Emilia approach, a philosophy applied to teaching in preschools in & around the Italian town of Reggio Emilia. This child-led approach focuses on working in groups, and using a child's creativity and all senses to learn language. So all lessons are taught through dance, music, art and play.

We did a little research on the Reggio Emilia approach, and it reminds us of the Montessori philosophy. (Each side will argue the differences, but to the common folk- it's a similar approach!) Child led, calm environments, and use of real objects & manipulatives are involved in each lesson. So for those that love the Montessori program, this language class is for you!

Ready to try it out? Saturday classes are starting soon at their new downtown location and Learning Language Network is offering a FREE trial class to anyone who mentions "Little Hoboken". Visit their site to register!

Besos xoxo