LH Spotlight: Health In Hands

This post is sponsored by Health In Hands, all opinions are our own.

Health In Hands Spa is a special spa for those looking for specialized treatment. Owner Leyla Azizova was trained at the International Massage Therapy School in Moscow, where she learned the specialized Trigger Point Therapy. Now treating workout junkies and chronic pain complainers, Leyla and her team have found their calling in Hoboken. We sent one workout junkie momma in for a trigger point massage to see what it was all about.

"I’m a self-confessed workout junkie. I can never get enough. As a mom of two young children, with a third on the way, I jumped at the opportunity to try out a new massage in town that was coined as perfect for expecting mothers and athletes, to ease those sore muscles.

The second you enter the treatment room, you breathe in an atmosphere of relaxation, with calm lighting and soothing music.

My trigger point massage began in sidelying since I was expecting. The therapist, Ingrid, made sure to be attentive to what my body was feeling on this Sunday afternoon, asking if I had any trouble spots, what kind of pressure I preferred or if any muscles were feeling particularly sore. After a grueling barre class in the morning, I told her that “everything was sore”.

The massage was reminiscent of a deep tissue massage, but the aspect that sets Trigger Point Therapy apart is that the therapist applied pressure on specific “trigger points” on my neck and back, asking if I felt any tension in those areas. The pressure definitely radiated as if she knew exactly where I was sorest. After the massage, Ingrid provided me with a warm towel to wash away all the excess oils. Once I was ready to go, Ingrid came in to discuss what “trigger points” seemed most problematic for me (complete with a diagram!) while describing how I may feel sore today and tomorrow, then I will feel the relief. I definitely felt the soreness leaving my massage, and wondered if all she said would be true…

One day later, I already feel the release and my muscles seem long, lean (as anyone 5 months pregnant could feel) and relaxed. Trigger Point Therapy was a unique massage experience and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are feeling the soreness in your muscles and make sure to give it time to feel the great benefits!!" - Erin Rehm

Leyla explains Trigger Point Therapy is an effective treatment for a wide variety of pain problems (including muscle soreness/tightness, fibromyalgia, sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, migraines, computer shoulders, chronic pain in joints such as stiff neck and back, rotator cuff injuries and/or immobility) and works well for expecting mothers, athletes, or anyone in need of some relief & comfort.

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Erin Rehm lives in Hoboken with her husband Jonathan, daughters Nora and Quinn, 10-year-old puppy Ralphie and soon to be new baby in July. She works as a speech-language pathologist at Hoboken University Medical Center and in her small private practice. Erin loves eating out with her family in Hoboken and is a fan of all things fitness and Bravo.

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