Hoboken's Parking Guide

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If you live in and love Hoboken, you know there is one common complaint: parking.

If you know either of us, you know that we believe that if you want city living, you've got to deal with city living issues. That includes parking. Those pretty suburban towns have lots of places for you to park your pretty car. But they aren't Hoboken.

One local guy has heard your cries, and is on a mission to make parking in Hoboken easier. David Echevarria first discovered Hoboken on a college visit to Stevens when he was 17 years old. (Ironically, he got a parking ticket on that very first visit...). He immediately fell in love with the city and graduated from Stevens with a mechanical engineering degree five years later.

His post college corporate job had him driving in and out of Hoboken often, and kept him guessing as to where he could park and when he could park there. Being that each street is in a different direction and has parking rules on a different side of the street, David realized that an aerial view of the streets & parking rules would be helpful. Being a Stevens alumni (and a millennial), that lead to an app: Hoboken Parking Helper.

The app makes it clear what streets have parking, which ones don't, what side of the street is just for residents, and which side allows for guest parking. It is pretty simple, easy to read, and comes in handy when you don't want to drive around figuring it out. Or more importantly, when your visitors call panicking and asking where they should park!

The website is a comprehensive breakdown of all the parking info. There is info for residents, businesses and visitors. Stop asking your friend's neighbor's sister about what the parking rules are and how to get a visitor's pass.

Just check out the website!


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