Confessions of a Nanny: Hiring A Sitter

As parents you work hard and deserve some much needed kid free time. You deserve to enjoy your spouse's company and actually finish that conversation. You deserve a glass of wine (or a few) with friends. You deserve a meal cooked by someone else. You deserve it! So hire a sitter and enjoy your night of some adult time!

Here are some helpful tips (and some unwritten rules) for hiring a sitter.

Show Us Around

Show us around and make sure we know where everything is, there’s nothing worse than a screaming toddler asking for their blue sippy cup as we hunt high and low without any luck.

Break Down the Rules

Talk us through any house rules, and bedtime routines. This not only helps us but also makes it easier for your child having us put them to bed the same as Mommy would.

Clean Up

Make sure your home is somewhat clean/ tidy, we don’t mind tidying up activities we have done with your child once they’re in bed, or helping by loading the dishwasher, or even folding clean laundry. Light household tasks are totally fine, but we aren’t there to clean your home. We are there to watch your children. They are our main responsibility.

Emergency Contacts

Be sure to leave any important phone numbers (yours, and maybe who you are out with in case we can’t get hold of you). Write them down AND text them to our phone too. Just in case!

Pay Fairly

Payment is always a tricky one and every family is different. But it doesn't have to be. The going rate for babysitters in Hoboken is $15+ per hour. (The more children, the more money.) It’s absolutely ok to break that down per half hour too. But please remember time is money. Yes your children may be sleeping most of the evening, but we gave up our Saturday night so that you could enjoy yours.

Oh, and let's discuss the rate ahead of time! It's never fun to spend a long night babysitting, and then get paid much less than you thought you were going to.

Day Time Activities

Please don’t make us sit home all day with your children. Entrust us to take your children to the local park or to a fun activity indoors somewhere. (Especially if you’re working from home- this makes it easier for us, you and the child!)

When I babysit every family does something a little different. Most are generous with providing snacks and tell me to help myself to tea, coffee, juices and to make myself at home once the children go to bed. They also usually show me how to work the TV etc. Extra’s like providing food or an Uber home are NEVER expected, but always greatly appreciated especially on these cold dark nights.

The better you treat your babysitter, the more they’ll help out. You’ll become their main family, and they will prioritise you over other families.


Katie is a full time live in nanny who helps to raise 3 crazy children, she relocated to Hoboken from London last summer with the family she works for. She has been a nanny for over 6 years, her first nanny role being in Italy.