Perfect Eyebrows...For Real!

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My brows suck.

I was in high school in the 90's. That said, I'm a victim of over-tweezing and over-waxing. Threading wasn't a "thing"....neither was a flat iron, but I digress.

Due to a really bad wax experience, I wound up with too much space between my brows that simply wasn't coming back. Due to having a baby, I got bald spots in my eyebrows that weren't coming back. So, I'd spend as much time as possible with makeup to do my best to fill in, but it was never right, never even, and I was never satisfied!

A friend of mine got microblading or "eyebrow embroidery" done about two years ago which was amazing, but also VERY expensive and very new. I had never heard about it before she told me and I didn't have $1,000 to spend on eyebrows without ending up divorced! If you aren't familiar with it, it is a technique that essentially creates tattooed-on brows, but it's better because it's individual strokes, so it LITERALLY looks like hair. You are numbed in a sterile environment with numbing cream (no needles!) and then tiny strokes are made with a blade using the dye to create hair-like eyebrows where you didn't have it before. It lasts around 12-18 months before you need touch-ups which are super affordable. To maintain, you just do the normal tweezing or threading you would do for your stray hairs.

Then, Sharron happened.

I've known her for many years because of her AMAZING hair and makeup artistry skills. She's done my airbrush makeup for years for many occasions (including my own wedding!) and pretty much all of my friends' too. She also does incredible Great Lengths extensions. She contacted me to tell me she was doing microblading and wanted to be a part of the Little Hoboken Hook-up and I almost died!

I headed out to her studio in Little Falls (right by Willowbrook Mall....maybe 20-25 minutes from Hoboken) and she got right to work! We talked about my eyebrow goals and she gave her recommendations as well. She put on the numbing cream, drew in my "brows", color-matched the dye, and started to work her magic! It took about 2 hours for the entire visit and was painless. The results were outrageous!

What I started with:

The Process:

The Results!

I had no makeup on and didn't hate my face when I saw the changes good brows can make! I also was mesmerized by the fact that the end results proved how BAD my brows were before! I knew they needed work, but, MY GOD, what a mess!! If you had seen me before and thought I had bad brows, you were SO right!

Now for what you really want to much?

If you have a 2017 Little Hoboken Hookup Card, it is $500 AND that includes your 4 week touch up! AND...if you've already had it done 18 months or so ago and need that touch-up I mentioned earlier, they are only $100!! We can only assume she is about to be VERY hard to get an appointment with this deal, so hurry and call Sharron at Vanity and Mascara to book yours!!

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xo Cassie & Melissa