Heart Mom: Heart Month


The month of Black History, Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day. The time that so many plan a long weekend away, or pick out the perfect gift for their significant other. This year, February means something different to me.

February is also National Heart Month. It is also the month that we honor and remember all those who continue to fight, and those who have lost their battle with Heart Disease. To me, this month now represents our baby, Madison, and our fight to create CHD and Heart Disease awareness.

It is not just babies like Madison who are impacted by Heart Disease...Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in both women and men in the US. The month of February is dedicated to raising awareness and increasing knowledge so that we can all work to prevent and hopefully cure this terrible disease.

February 3rd was National Red Day, and we are thankful to everyone who participated to wear red in honor of Madison. Although all month long is Heart Month, specifically CHD Awareness week is February 7th-14th. Many heart families and organizations across the world are hosting various fundraising events, posting and sharing on social media to create awareness.

This is my first time celebrating Heart Month as a Heart Mom. Although it may now have a different meaning to me, February is a month that signifies honoring those before you, honoring those we have lost, and honoring those that we love-This year, next year, always.

Are you CHD Aware? Are you ready to protect your heart health?

The following are a list of heart charities, organizations and resources for heart health, CHD and child loss support and awareness. There are many non-profit organizations that you can donate to or become involved with for any heart related mission. Please help me in continuing to raise awareness and honoring our heart angel, Madison.

(Each one is a link, so click directly to learn more!)

American Heart Association

Children's Heart Foundation

CHD Coalition

Mended Little Hearts

Hayden's Heart Foundation

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association

Congenital Heart Information Network

Hopeful Hearts Foundation

Sisters by Heart

Little Hearts

Heart to Heart - Warrior Pets & More

On Coming Alive

Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation

Adult Congenital Heart Association

Sam Vlasics Foundation

Heart Heros

The Heart Foundation

March of Dimes

Beads of Courage

Hope for BraveHearts

Lasting Imprint

Whole Hearts Foundation

Beats for Bella

Molly Bears

Still Mothers

Stephanie Cohen is a local mom who works every day to honor the memory of her baby girl Madison. With her husband Matt, and labradoodle Willow, this family is the shining example of love and strength. You may know Stephanie from her main gig at Local Barre, but you will definitely get to know her as the face of Little Hoboken's charity and community outreach.

To reach Stephanie, or to tell us about a charity or family in need, email