Snow Day Mommy Meltdown

10:00 PM last night: Notification from my son's preschool that they will be closed tomorrow.


11:00 PM last night: My husband comes home and tells me his office will potentially be closed tomorrow for snow, so he will likely just work from home.


7:00 AM: Toddler wanders into my room and is screaming, "Mommy! Wake up! I want iPad!"

My head is pounding, so I attempt to bring him in our bed to snuggle, but he continues to poke me asking for things like "new diaper" and "milk."


8:00 AM: Freshly changed toddler is drinking his milk while I sit down with a piping hot cup of coffee. He climbs on the table that he has been told roughly 3 million times to get off of and spills the entire cup EVERYWHERE and also takes down a beer bottle left by my dear husband the night before that has about 25% of the contents still in it. No big deal....just inside of a lamp, the dog's toy basket, my magazine basket and half the couch. While I yell, "Just great, Kane!"and start cleaning, he proceeds to "pop bottles" and spray milk all over the other couch and add some banana mush to the mix. I sent him to his room. I put him in there and closed the door.


8:30 AM: Make a new cup of coffee and let the beast out of his room. My husband meanders out and informs he that he IS going to work today. Kane climbs on the table and dumps another full cup of coffee everywhere that I just cleaned. I LOSE screaming and having an out of body experience. My son is hiding in a corner. My dog has left the room and my husband just stares as I crumble onto the kitchen floor and start to hysterically cry. I think I said things like, " I shouldn't have been a mother! I can't do this!" "I'm failing!", and " Why is this house such a shithole?!"

Looney Tunes.

My husband managed to just hug me, move my kid from me and tell me I was a good mother and that everyone has bad days. Then, he got to leave, lol! I heard him tell Kane to be good for Mommy many times. I think he was scared he'd come home to the dog and baby and a Dear John letter. I remembered I had some vodka in the freezer and Bloody Mary mix in the cabinet and all was right with the world. I do not feel bad about the morning Bloody Mary. I just wish I could function on more than one!

Survival Mode.

I went onto Facebook and saw a friend's status that read:

Fantasy: Snow day at home snuggled on the couch watching family movies with hot cocoa sprinkled with the occasional romp in the snow gleefully throwing snowballs while giggling.

Truth: 10 fights, 3 time outs, 4 tantrums, 2 half watched movies, and my house looking as if a hurricane hit INSIDE the house all by 9am.

When does the wine come out?

Thank God!

I'm not alone. Everyone is having a "day" with their kids. As I sat sipping (ok, gulping) my Bloody Mary while he ate his breakfast and watched The Peanuts Movie quietly, I scrolled through my feed starting to lower my blood pressure and feeling better. I stretched my arms and knocked over the third full cup of coffee for the day.

Kane looked up and said, "Just great, Mommy!"

I will likely send myself to my room now.