If you know us, you know we are two caffeine-addicted mommies who love (and I mean, loooove) our lattes. Getting us to switch to anything else other than our sweet, delicious and perfectly strong morning espresso shots is near impossible. EXCEPT, we just learned about matcha. A powder mix made from green tea leaves with natural caffeine that lasts longer (yes I said LONGER!) than our lattes and has NO CRASH!

Naturally we thought, "Do other sleep-deprived moms know about this?!"

Well, as we've said many times, our mission is to bring you the BEST information at all times. And we're pretty sure that bringing you a new version of caffeine is one of the most important mommy-related pieces of information we could ever share.

But there is more to the matcha than just your energy boost. Matcha is a secret potion that is packed with so many benefits! It boosts your metabolism, your immune system AND your sex drive. PLUS, it's good for your blood pressure, and heart function. (Consider this our Valentine's Day & Heart month gift to you!)

Matcha usually has a gritty and vegetal taste that isn't for everyone. So we worked with James at Black Rail (and by worked, we mean tasted what seemed like 1,000 options and were amped up for two days!) and added a secret ingredient to create a signature matcha latte that everyone could enjoy!

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