The Inner Athlete is ON THE RUN!

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When I first started Eliza at The Inner Athlete, I felt like the BEST mom ever for bringing here there. She was having the time of her life. Literally. I've never seen my kid so happy. So naturally, I also felt like the WORST mom ever for not bringing her sooner.

(Luckily for me, we are in the youngest class offered, so I couldn't have brought her sooner. Phew!)

After only a few weeks of Coach Lisa's class, I can see the effects. Having a structured way to release all of that crazy toddler energy is not only wonderful for nap time, (thank you, Lisa!) but also for Eliza's physical health, her attention span, her social skills, and overall development. I can see it. Each week, I can see a difference in her ability to follow the class, attend to the lesson, and interact with the other kids. Even more, I see a difference in her for the rest of the day. She is calmer and more attentive. We can usually run errands without a meltdown or do an art project without frustration.

So I was talking to Lisa recently and complimenting her on her awesome class, and she said something shocking. "Cassie, that's why schools have phys. ed."


I totally get it now. Think about do you feel after a good workout? I'm surprised to learn that many of our area's preschools and daycares don't have a plan for structured physical activity. Yes, they all go play outside. Yes, they all play games and entertain the kids and keep them moving. But having a class with a TIA Coach that executes a purposeful, organized and age-appropriate program that teaches cooperation and teamwork is unique and so needed! It's why schools have phys. ed!

With TIA, there is a lesson, a sequence, a purpose...and a progression of skills. TIA ON THE RUN brings the unique TIA experience to kids in daycares and preschools all over town. Does your child's facility have it? Visit TIA ON THE RUN to see which schools are signed up! If you're not on the list, just print out the coupon below, fill it out and hand it to your facility's director. If you are the reason TIA gets invited in, your child will get a FREE semester at TIA's homebase at the Monroe Center.

Um....Yes Please!

Did You Know?

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