LH Spotlight: Willow Lake Day Camp

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It's January...and in Hoboken that means securing your kid's spot in school for next year AND figuring out what they will do next summer. Do other parts of the country have to figure these things out so early?? We have no idea...BUT we do know that our area has some excellent choices for our kiddos. Willow Lake Day Camp is a place where your kid can explore, learn and grow.

As a kid who went to camp almost every summer of my life (and then worked in one for years afterwards!) I can honestly say that some of my best memories and friendships are from camp. Camp is a place where you don't even realize you are learning, a place where you can be yourself, learn so much about yourself, and develop friendships with people you would have never otherwise met. It is a place where you step outside of your comfort zone and let your guard down. Summers become magical at camp.

(Can you tell I just had a moment...?)

The owners of Willow Lake Day Camp know all of this. They take their summers very seriously and know how important of a decision picking a camp can be. Here are some important facts about Willow Lake.


The owners are hands-on and are always available. Wendy has spent her entire camp career at Willow Lake as part of the founding family. Charles has been at Willow Lake for 7 years and has spent his career working at some of the premier camps in Northeast.

Campers don't feel lost at Willow Lake. It is 35 acres of well-designed land. Not too big, and not too small, it has has the perfect size camper population. There are enough campers to ensure your child has plenty of campers to make friends with and small enough that staff is able to focus on each camper's individual needs.

The program is dynamic, creative, fun and safe. Appropriate equipment is used on age appropriate courts and fields. Mature and skilled specialists teach each activity and focus on safety, fun and skill acquisition. As campers grow, the program grows with them. (Trips out of camp, elective programs, sports leagues, theatre productions, sports clinics, the list goes on and on...)

The owners hand-pick and directly hire all staff to ensure a safe, caring & family oriented atmosphere. They specifically look for mature, responsible, energetic and enthusiastic counselors who always help make new campers feel welcome and returning campers feel like they are back where they belong.

You'll always know what your kid is up to! Newsletters, blogs, emails, phone calls, daily pictures, orientations, family nights and more make Willow Lake a parent favorite.

Transportation to/from camp is available, and buses are all driven by professional drivers who are all hired and screened by the camp directly. 100% of Willow Lake bus drivers drive all year round for their bus company.

Remember Wendy & Charles are always available, and work year round preparing for summers at Willow Lake. Contact them for your personal tour and tell them that the camp-crazy lady at Little Hoboken sent you to get $100 off your tuition!

(deal valid for new campers)



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