Little Hoboken PLUS 2!

We have some good news and some bad news...which do you want first?

Ok, fine. The bad.

The bad news is, you guys are asking for so many amazing things and we just can't keep up with the demand.

The good news...we brought on two incredible women to help us take Little Hoboken to the next level. You have asked for more guides and lists. CHECK! Melissa Goldin-Magee is the girl. You have asked for more deals and more information on where to buy the best stuff. CHECK! Courtenay Ahuja is on it.

If you saw our wildly popular Holiday Gift Guide, you also saw that Melissa Goldin-Magee was behind it. She is going to be your gifting goddess, giving you the best gift ideas and where to find them! She will also be reviewing local classes & businesses, and getting them on the hook-up.! If you want a business on the Little Hoboken HookUp, let us know and she'll do her best to make it happen!

Working to get you some incredible deals, and keep you in the know, is our newly appointed Affiliate Manager, Courtenay Ahuja. Courtenay is hard at work behind the scenes working with SO many businesses both local and global to bring you advance notice of sales, new products and so much more. She is revamping our, Pinterest account (follow us @LittleHoboken) and helping to make Little Hoboken a true "one stop shop" for everything you baby, kids, teens and family. Plus, she has an impressive fashion background (we are silently dyyyying over the discounts she gave up in the name of motherhood!) and she is putting those skills to use in some great posts for us mamas.

We are SO excited to add these intelligent, funny, beautiful, Hoboken-loving mommies to our team! To help us all get to know them better, here are 25 fun facts about each of these lovely ladies:


25 Things You Should Know About Melissa

1. I’m only 4’11 – I used to wear heels every day!

2. I met my husband Sean during college at the University of Rhode Island.

3. His parents met there as well and are still married.

4. I am the messiest cook around.

5. My guilty pleasure is Nutella, straight from the jar.

6. Hoboken has been my city for the past 10 years.

7. I used to teach third grade.

8. My most recent job was a School Counselor at the high school level.

9. I could write a book about all of the different jobs I’ve had – my least favorite was The Gap.

10. I babysat all through high school, college, and a little bit during grad school. It still didn’t prepare me for motherhood.

11. I love watching makeup tutorials.

12. I didn’t start eating vegetables until I was 18 (and I wonder why my daughter is picky)

13. I cannot watch scary movies. Child’s Play and Poltergeist scarred me as a child.

14. Strangely though, my husband and I love to watch Forensic Files.

15. I met Lady Gaga a few years ago. She was so nice, funny, and down-to-earth.

16. I used to paint in my spare time (I know… what is spare time??)

17. I just can’t get into country music. Sorry country fans!

18. At least 5 coffee shops in Hoboken know my order by heart.

19. My great-grandfather owned a store on Washington Street. Apparently Nancy Sinatra was a regular customer.

20. Ancient Egypt is fascinating to me. Visiting the pyramids is on my bucket list.

21. My parents found me bawling my eyes out at the end of The Little Mermaid as a kid. I still cry every time.

22. I am perpetually late. Having a 16 month old doesn’t help.

23. I love to write in cursive. It is a lost art.

24. I have zero musical ability.

25. I went into labor on Labor Day. Charlotte Willow Magee was born the next day.


25 Things You Should Know About Courtenay

1. Momma to Sarini Ballerini Jelly Beanie (aka Sarina Mason Ahuja, 11 mos.) Can you tell I'm obsessed with nicknames?

2. I met my husband in a bar on the LES 6 years ago, and the rest is history! He's my favorite!

3. The University of Alabama is my alma mater. Roll Tide. #nickchick

4. Ballet was my first love in life. The love is still alive, though I haven't taken a class in at least 3 years.

5. Favorite movies are Father of the Bride II, Bridesmaids and The Devil Wears Prada. I will watch those every single time they come on!

6. My day hasn't started until I have had my Dunkin Donuts cold brew.

7. Shameless Belieber. When Sarina was in my belly, her favorite song was Sorry. She would start moving immediately whenever she heard it!

8. I have one younger brother, Jeff, who lives on the UES. When he moved to NYC, it made my life complete. The rest of my family are living in Tennessee and Alabama, so having him close by is really special to me.

9. Lady M cake is my ultimate indulgence.

10. Every time I drive past the NYC skyline, I still pinch myself. I have come a long way from the 22 year old girl who moved here, but my love for the city has not tired!

11. We order seamless probably 4 nights a week- frequenting T Thai and Tony Baloney's.

12. Favorite Instagram Account I follow: @1triciamiranda

She is the most amazing choreographer in Hollywood! And her dancers are so talented, it's insane.

13. Courtenay is my mother's maiden name.

14. I love watching Bollywood movies on Netflix.

15. Post baby, I have gotten really in to Yoga. I really like Pavana Yoga here in Hoboken! My New Years Resolution is to practice three times a week. Even if it's at home while baby naps.

16. Favorite quote: “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd.

17. I'm obsessed with my book club.

18. I don't like salmon. I keep trying, but keep not liking it.

19. This is my first winter as a stay at home mom, and this cold weather has us super stir crazy!

20. If you come over to our house on a Friday night, you might get pulled into a marathon of our favorite YouTube videos, or a never ending monopoly game.

21. I lived in the same house my entire life in Murfreesboro, TN until I left for college. My parents still live there.

22. I pray every day.

23. I want to learn another language.

24. We moved to Hoboken one year ago. I lived in NYC for the 6 years prior.

25. Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts was my coming of age album. Still know every word to every song!

Help us in welcoming Melissa & Courtenay to the little hoboken team!

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