LH Spotlight: Spruce Apartment Therapy

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For those of us that never (and we mean NEVER!) want to leave Hoboken, figuring out how to raise a family and fit all our stuff into an apartment is a big priority. Samantha Leeds, owner and designer of Spruce Apartment Therapy is exactly the girl we ALL need.

Do you ever watch HGTV or DIY shows and just wish that the designer would jump out of the TV and into your home? Samantha is that one you've been wishing for, and she is a local girl with a lot of talent.

Samantha is an interior designer and organizational specialist, focusing on helping city dwellers utilize all the space they have. "I love working with families with young kids. I focus on designing aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for tight living quarters." Samantha says she thinks living in a smaller space pushes us to "cultivate a home rather than curate one, forcing us to live purposefully with only the things we need and the objects that bring us the most joy."

To show off her skills, we set Samantha up with one incredibly lucky momma to completely makeover one room in her home.

Enter Rachel. Rachel is a mom of two with another one on the way. She loves her condo and wants to make it work for the long-haul. BUT...she was in need of some help. Her plan was to purchase some storage pieces, but just wasn't sure exactly what she needed.


Samantha & Rachel started by making a budget and a list of affordable items that Samantha knew would generate big change. To brighten and open the space, they replaced the dark ceiling fan with a white pendant light, and and brought in new curtains and a new rug to add more warmth and color. The biggest change was the closet, which was organized with new shelving and bins for everything.


Like what you see? So did Rachel!

"Sam is the sweetest, most gentle, and kind person. The minute she walked into our apartment I immediately was at ease and my kids loved her. We both had similar ideas and our styles matched up well. Sam likes simple, clean and bright and Mack's room was anything but!

When I was initially thinking of doing the room myself, I thought we'd have to buy more storage furniture for the room. Sam suggested just redoing the closet instead of adding more big furniture pieces to the room. She designed the closet herself, purchased the materials and put my husband to work! With less than $50 and in less than 2 hours, Sam completely overhauled the closet. (I'm now hounding my husband to do my daughter's closet as well.)

I initially didn't want bunk beds until my kids were older, but Sam designed a reading nook in the upper bunk, which has added a creative space to the room. Although it's getting harder to climb up there while 9 months pregnant, we are enjoying our quiet reading before bed, and my son loves to pretend the bottom bunk is his cave. The excitement of the new space has also really helped the transition from his beloved crib to his "big guy bed".

Throughout the process, Sam was thoughtful when presenting ideas to me, was mindful of our budget and usually found items on sale. Sam really helped us to organize and let go of things we really didn't need. She inspired me to do the same in my own closet and after 6 large bags to the homeless shelter, I'm feeling so much better. My son and daughter play in the room now and can independently access the toys in the closet. We're so pleased with the results and will definitely have Sam back to help us with other areas of the apartment and (if it was up to my son, to have her babysit!) We're now ready for baby 3 to join us in a few weeks (maybe...sort of...well at least the space is ready)." -Rachel

There is a Danish word, Hygge [hoo-ga] which means: ​The art of creating sanctuary and that, Samantha says, is her help people create beautiful, functional, urban sanctuaries. In this case, we'd say Samantha definitely did just that!

Spruce Apartment Therapy is one of the newest additions to the Little Hoboken HookUp Card, offering one FREE hour consultation (with the purchase of a 3 Hour Organization or Design Services).


Rachel is a soon to be mom of 3. Liv is 17 months old and Mack is 3 and baby D3 will be here on Valentine's Day! Rachel works at a Manhattan private school as the Associate Division Director of the Early Learning Center. Living in Hoboken for 5 years, she lived and taught in Ireland and the Netherlands before starting on this very different kind of adventure.

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Photo Credit: Shane Henken Photography

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