Giving Back and Giving Thanks

As we have said many times, we have never wanted Little Hoboken to be about us. Little Hoboken is about HOBOKEN. About all of you, our community, and being parents. Community and #localloyalty have been core missions for us since our inception.

We were blown away at your generosity and the MANY donations we received for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter drive. We raised $1,725 cash and SO much of that came from donations as small as $5! We also received some product donations from businesses which we brought in with our purchases.

If you have been following our Instastories on Instagram, you saw our outing happening in real time (catch them now if you missed them @littlehoboken!) and saw that we filled 3 flatbed carts and a regular cart at Costco, and two full carts at Walmart. In fact, we couldn't fit it all into the car and had to make two trips!

Two trips to the shelter afforded us the chance to meet the staff and so many people who rely so heavily on the shelter for their meals, showers, a little shelter from the elements, and compassion. Their many "thank yous" and the look in their eyes made us feel so amazing, but also made us want to do more!

With the generous donations from individuals and businesses,

we were able to purchase:

400 Garbage Bags

80 Rolls of Paper Towels

400 Hand Warmers

30 lbs. of Apples

10 Large Bunches of Bananas

20 lbs. of Oranges

4,000 Coffee Cups

1,200 Plastic Utensils

12,000 Paper Plates

10,000 Napkins

192 Rolls of Toilet Paper

75 lbs. Sugar

21 Cans of Coffee

10 Giant Boxes of Cheerios

12 Giant Canisters of Oatmeal

100 Pairs of Gloves

6 Giant Jugs of Juice

4 Frozen Turkeys

8 Giant Jars of Marinara Sauce

4 Giant Cans of Sliced Peaches

32 Bars of Soap

A Big Bag of Shampoo and Conditioner (Donated by Babo Botanicals)

255 Toothbrushes

36 Tubes of Toothpaste

16 Deodorants

100 Disposable Razors

10 Cans of Shaving Cream

70 Pairs of Underwear

120 Pairs of Sock

While there, we learned some startling facts! Basically, our donation will likely not even last more than just over a week!

They host over 100 showers a week. EVERY DAY, they use 600 plates, 800 napkins, 250 bowls, 40 rolls of toilet paper, 5 rolls of paper towels, 5 boxes of tissues, a 3 large bottles of hand sanitizer!

We are still collecting and will do another run next week as we wound up receiving donations after we returned from our mission! So, if you'd like to donate, Venmo us @littlehoboken.

Thank you again to ALL the individuals who opened their hearts with their donations and to all the amazing businesses who were so generous!

Urban Jungle Play, Love, Ana, Black Rail Coffee, Celebrate Life Studio, Junior Baby Hatter, World of Wonder Daycare, Charley and Hudson, Songs for Seeds, Little Bee Learning Studio, The Inner Athlete, Sleepy Mama Sleep Consulting, Lincoln and Holland, Dog Life Hoboken, Sara Kalish Photography, Casey 2 Cook, Little Nomad Play Mats, and Art Fete....a VERY special thank you to you all, for showing that giving back is important to your business as well!