Prime Cycle Has a Prime New Location and We Have An Event!

I spin a lot. Several times a week. I'm a spin junkie. I've been to the beautiful Maxwell location of Prime several times, but have never taken a class there (unless you count Songs for Seeds with my son) . I've wanted to, but life always gets in the way! I finally committed and used it as an excuse to check out the brand new studio they opened right by the PATH at 70 Hudson Street.

First, so easy to get to...even if you live uptown or midtown. We took the lightrail and were there super fast. Second, easy to wheel my stroller in (bonus points for that as you moms and dads know!). We walked in to the bright, modern studio and were greeted by a super friendly front desk team. I was a little flustered as I had a two year old in tow, it was raining, and I was cutting it VERY close. The woman who checked me in told me to relax and that I had four minutes (as though it was a month!) and actually made me take a deep breath while she got me my cycling shoes. Kane ran right into the childcare room (Mini Prime) to play with two other kids and a dinosaur that he was being lured in with by the sitter and I dashed off to take the class. I found my bike easily in a room of 33 bikes and got it set up. If you don't know how, they are happy to help you get it appropriately set.

I chose Alexa's class and let me tell you, I chose right! Her music and energy were on point. I found myself wanting to dance and she even belts out some of the songs during her work out. She challenges you and makes the work out completely worth it. During the arm weights, my shoulders were begging for mercy and my spot had a mirror next to me, so I could really watch my form which I loved. You are sweaty, you are exhausted, and you feel like you just got your ass kicked....all what I want in my workout! I'd say it was in my top five of best spin classes I've ever attended and encourage you to ALL try one of their classes at one of their locations! As a bonus, you can jump on the PATH and head to work as there are showers in the locker room.

Downtown is running introductory specials right now, but both studios have year-round deals on their 10 packs with our 2017 Little Hoboken Hook-Up card!

I can't wait to get back there and this time, Cassie is coming with me! In fact, we hope you are ALL coming with us! We are hosting a super fun event there on February 9. Reserve your spot today! Details below.