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KidPass is expanding their class list in Hoboken, and we were intrigued about how this company was different from others in town. What interested us the most, was that KidPass works on a credit system. This means that with your monthly membership, you are allotted a certain amount of credits in your account. Different classes are worth a different amount of credit, which could allow you to pick and choose how you spend your monthly allotment. We immediately thought of you twin parents, who often tell us that taking your two kids to classes is expensive! So, to try it out, we enlisted local twin-mommy, Jennifer Rooney, to try out KidPass for one month and tell us what she thought!

Jennifer's Review:

With my KidPass credits for the month I was able to attend two classes with my twins. It was very simple to sign up for KidsPass and register for the classes. You are able to search the available classes by age, type, location, etc. Once I registered one child, there was an option to book another child for the same session. Having to not have to go through the whole process to register a second child was a nice bonus! Checking in at the class was also easy - the vendor had their names on their list and was expecting us. I admit, I was initially worried that somehow there would be a mix-up, but it was seamless.

The customer service from KidPass was top notch. They responded within minutes to a message I sent on Facebook, and I also spoke on the phone with a representative who was very friendly and helpful. With a hectic, often unpredictable schedule (plus twins!) I found KidPass to be a great option. You aren’t committed to a certain time slot or specific activity, and you don’t have to remember to schedule make-up classes. You can cancel a class you previously signed up for (within the timeframe clearly stated online) if your plans change. I did not encounter any “sold out” classes, so I was also able to book fairly last minute.

I am a working mom and am fortunate to have the flexibility to occasionally work from home. My twins could always attend classes with their nanny, but using KidPass gave me the unique opportunity to take advantage of an occasional break in my work schedule and fit in a quick activity with my twins.

There wasn't anything specifically discounted for twins with KidPass, however it was easy to pick the class I wanted to attend and use the credits I had available. Some classes are worth more points than others, so I was able to get two spots in a class worth less credits vs one spot in a class worth more credit. With my KidPass points for the month, I was able to attend two classes with my twins, which was plenty for me since we also already attend a separate weekly music class. I found the points system to be a more economical way for my twins to attend activities as compared to the cost to enroll two children directly in a semester of classes.

For more information about KidPass or to sign up, visit their website:


Jennifer is mom to a four-year-old son and one-year-old twins and also works as a tax accountant. She and her husband have lived in Hoboken for seven years. She loves Hoboken for the tons of restaurants, shops, parks, and activities all within walking distance.

Photo Credit: Brooke Bacon Photography


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