Shopping Spree with JD Artisty

Remember when Jenn Dock forced me to throw away all of my makeup?

(Well maybe force is a strong word....she strongly encouraged...)

Anyway, the BEST part of all that, was that we went on a makeup shopping spree with JD as my personal shopper! If you remember, through the makeup cleanse & purge process, Jenn kept notes on what looks I wanted and what products I needed. So shopping with her was the next step, and she helped me pick out everything on the list.

Having a makeup artist by my side was the BEST way to buy new makeup. She isn't loyal to one specific brand, and knows what products from each line are the best to use. When I usually buy new makeup, I go to one counter at the department store and purchase whatever the sales girls convinces me to. But it's not always right for me...and I am left with drawers full of makeup but use the same 4-5 products every day. This time I had Jenn. I gave her my budget, and then we shopped at a few different stores and purchased products from over 10 different brands.

I got stuff I never knew I needed but am now totally addicted to (hello primer!) and so much that I knew I needed but was always buying the wrong brand or color for my skin. Shopping with Jenn was an educational experience, and honestly the ONLY way I will buy new makeup again! The best part is that I have a more organized makeup drawer with just the products I really need.

It was such an eye-opening shopping experience for me, that I convinced Jenn to giveaway her services! ONE lucky gal will get a FREE in-home makeup cleanse! AND we will have a special deal for everyone who enters the giveaway contest (must follow all rules!)

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Good Luck!


Jenn is a makeup loving Jersey girl who works her magic on TV & Movie sets, professional photoshoots and so much more. She is available for eyebrow shaping, makeup application, cleanses, personal shopping and bridal parties. She is a vendor of the 2017 LH HookUp card.

Jennifer Dockendorf, JD Artistry

This article was written in exchange for services with JD Artistry.

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