Our Community Needs Our Help

We have created a relationship with the Hoboken Homeless Shelter this holiday season and it's become incredibly important to us.

Many people get into the holiday spirit with charity. Not only to give back to those less fortunate, but also to teach their children lessons in charity and helping. It's SO important that we continue to be charitable all year round and help those in need.

With these cold temperatures, the shelter needs our help! They need so many supplies....groceries, toiletries, and basic necessities to assist in caring for the residents of our community that need everyone's help!

You can always head to their site for items that they need and you can drop those things off ANY time all year round.

But, they are in dire need right NOW. So, Little Hoboken is asking for YOUR help.

We are planning a BIG trip to Costco to get all the basic necessities. We want to purchase as much as we can, so we are asking for donations.

To make it easy for anyone to donate, we are asking the community to send money via our Venmo account (@littlehoboken). EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR counts, and and every single dollar will be used towards the purchase of goods for the shelter.

NO donation is too small. Imagine if everyone in Hoboken donated ONE dollar?! How about $5, $10....

We will be collecting all week and will make the donation next week.

Please share with friends and family and let's make this a great 2017 for our community! #hobokenlove