Confessions of a Nanny: Not the Mama

I currently look after three crazy, wonderful children aged 3, 4 and 8 and have watched them grow over the past 4 years as their live-in nanny. Our days together are never the same. Sometimes they’ll be filled with school runs, dentist appointments, homework, and putting away toys. Sometimes they’re spent building a fort, eating ice cream with sprinkles or hiding from the rain with a favorite movie (Minions is still their number 1). I must admit, sometimes it’s nice to act like a kid in your career. Having said that, there are times you must be the adult in the room and simply figure “it” out...even if you don’t quite exactly know how to.

“Oh no, I’m not their Mum...I’m the nanny”. I find myself saying this sentence almost daily as people are quick to assume the blonde girl with the three blonde kids is their Mum. This clearly is not the case.

Although I am not their Mother, it sometimes really feels that way. Their problems are my problems; their worries my worries; their fears my fears; and their joy is my daily dose of happiness. I taught the youngest their first words, watched them take their first steps and I’ve seen them grow from tiny babies into the independent little humans that they are today. I’ve watched the eldest go from a little boy into a young man and I have never felt so proud. They fill my heart with pride and joy every single day. I have become so invested in so many ways to these children and their lives, I have learnt what unconditional love truly means.

The responsibility of looking after someone else’s children is HUGE. I am so grateful to work for this family, my relationship with the parents is amazing, and we are a great team. I hate using the term "work for". Although they are my bosses, our relationship is much more friend and family than the typical employer/ employee relationship. They are very relaxed and easy going, they trust me 1000% and I am able to take the children wherever, whenever, whether it be here in Hoboken or a day out to the city. They sometimes leave the children with me for numerous days at a time if they are out of town on business, or away for the weekend for a wedding. We have a group chat, where we send pictures and share stories throughout the day whilst they are at work to keep them up to date with the happenings of their children’s day. And, when I am off over the weekend, the parents send me updates and photos of the children, which I love!

So to the people who mistake me for their Mum, even though I am not, I certainly feel privileged that they think so. The children's real mother is a wonderful woman, and I am honoured that she chose me to play such an important leading role in her children’s exciting life.


Katie is a full time live in nanny who helps to raise 3 crazy children, she relocated to Hoboken from London last summer with the family she works for. She has been a nanny for over 6 years, her first nanny role being in Italy.