LH Spotlight: FASTEN

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I know, I's snowing out. But snowy days make us dream of warmer weather, so it seemed like the perfect time to reminisce about my Zika-free family trip this past November. It was some MUCH needed quality family time before the craziness of the holidays (which I am still in a daze from!).

Like many, we didn't want to take a chance on the Caribbean this year, so we set out to Scottsdale, Arizona. There is so much to do (so I'm told) and many attractions to visit (so they say)....You see, we are POOL PEOPLE. We are the kind of vacationers that like to find the perfect lounge chair, with the perfect combination of shady for the baby and sunny for the mommy, right along the perfect pool and in plain sight of the perfect waiter who serves me the perfect drink all day long.

Of course this perfect vacation fantasy is never actually the way it goes. With a toddler (and a husband!) there are always spilled drinks, lost toys, splattered sunscreen, broken sunglasses and, of course,....the dirty diapers.

Ugh! There seriously isn't a better way to ruin my pool day fantasy than a dirty diaper in the summer heat.

This time, I had found out about FASTEN, a swimwear line created by two New Jersey moms. FASTEN has an easy open/close flap that allows you to change a diaper without taking the bathing suit off.

Game. Changer.

No need to wrestle a wiggly toddler out of a wet bathing suit for a diaper change. And no need to bring 5 bathing suits to the pool because it's impossible to get that wet bathing suit back on that wiggly toddler. FASTEN swimsuits are smart, innovative and most importantly...adorable!

Visit FASTEN Swim for more information on sizes and styles. (Free Shipping on order of $50 or more!) You won't be disappointed!


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xo Cassie & Melissa