Hitting the Bar at The Bar Method

Last Saturday morning, I was finally able to check out the new(ish) The Bar Method location in downtown Hoboken. After hearing about The Bar Method from my ‘burb friends for quite some time, I was excited to get up and work out on a Saturday morning without my baby. Excited until that Saturday morning when I looked out the window and saw snow. Was excited. To be honest, by the time I arrived at the studio, I was in a foul mood – I was wet, cold, and in no mood to work out. Thankfully The Bar Method staff could not have been more warm, welcoming, and helpful throughout my time there, making it a positive experience for both my friend and I.

Since appearance is everything, I’ll start there! This studio is GORGEOUS. I was shocked by how bright, pretty, and spacious the place is. This wasn’t just a quick remodel – The Bar Method completely re-designed a clean and modern space with a slightly industrial chic vibe, consisting of 2 studios, a full locker room with showers, coffee bar station, and retail clothing space. Normally I avoid using the locker rooms because they are cramped, crowded, dirty, or all of the above. The Bar Method is quite the opposite. I would actually welcome the opportunity to get ready for work here (or not work - even better) with the clean white showers and open vanity area featuring Moroccan Oil products and other fun stuff.

The two studios are pretty similar in size and setup, and I really enjoyed stepping onto the plush carpet, which was a nice change from the usual hardwood flooring found in most Hoboken gyms. What made it nice was that you didn’t slip all over the place and didn’t need special grippy socks (although I’d still recommend them if you own a pair) and it made stretching and floor exercises more comfortable than usual. It also adds to the overall level of comfort in the studio. The instructors there are warm and knew everyone in the class. While it was a bit daunting to walk into a full class for the first time ever, the instructors made every effort to make sure I had the right set of weights, was in the correct position, and had proper form (or as close to it as possible!)

So, on to the workout…. The 60 minute “Mixed” Bar class that I took started with a warm-up taught by an instructor-in-training and consisted of the usual high knee reps and stretching exercises. To be honest, I was kind of winded after the warmup and first set of relevés. This class is no joke! While it’s not boot camp, you aren’t just floating around like a ballerina for one hour. Even though I’ve taken other barre-inspired classes in the past, this one was probably the toughest (which is a positive in my mind). Form is KEY here. You won’t get away with poor posture or be able to cheat your way through the exercises. I learned that by hearing my name over the instructor’s microphone plen-ty of times. I must admit that it was a bit jarring in the beginning, but by the end I was used to it. Melissa and the additional staff in the room are truly paying attention to you and making sure you are doing the moves correctly, which will ultimately result in a better (and safer) workout. Each exercise was followed by a stretch, which I liked. I was definitely sore two days later, but not so much that I couldn’t walk down stairs or shed a tear trying to sit down on a low chair… or toilet. I know you’ve been there ;)

All in all I had a positive experience at The Bar Method Hoboken. The biggest con for me is that they do not offer child care, so as a SAHM I would need to take night or weekend classes. The schedule is online (through MindBody) and classes are posted at least a week in advance. There are plenty of different packages to choose from, including new client specials, bridal packages, annual memberships, and drop-in classes for commitment-phobes like myself. For more information, visit The Bar Method here. And, they are also members of the Little Hoboken Hook-Up where you can get some great bargains on their packages!!!