Resolving Not to Make Resolutions

I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve...a lot of hype, a lot of crowds, a lot of money, and quite frankly, always underwhelming! A few years ago, Tim and I started hosting a NYE party for a small group of friends and it was way more fun to me than the countless years of wearing sequins and in a crowded space. Since we had the baby, we have had an annual tradition of ringing in the New Year with our good friends at their home. Our kids are the same age and play until they pass out. Our dogs are the same age and play until they pass out and then the grownups hang out and all sleep in comfortable beds that aren't in an overpriced, underwhelming hotel room. It's perfect!

I have, however, always been a fan of the concept of a new year. Not the getting older part, not the time flying by part, but the fresh start. It's like that incredible feeling you get when you crack the spine on a fresh new that weird? January 1 seems like the perfect time to start something new. To "lose the weight", to "eat better", to "get a new job" or all the other resolutions you make for yourself every single year on December 31.

This year, Tim and I decided to make a board of our annual goals instead. Perhaps us both having a sales background aided in this decision. It's the things we talk about, but don't do. Take an annual vacation WITHOUT Kane and one WITH him. More date nights. Cook more and order takeout less. Attainable goals we have for our family, our home, and for ourselves individually. Both of us are very goal driven and strive to exceed goals in business, so we feel like this is the best decision for us.

Another thing we did in the past was took a big jar on January 1 and set it on the counter. Every time something good or happy happened in our family, we wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. It's amazing to reflect on it at the very end of December when you think, "Well, this year sucked" and you then see things like "Tim got a new job that he REALLY wanted" "Kane learned his ABC's" "Melissa met Cassie and started a kick ass blog..."

I prefer to find things to not set myself up for failure later. I feel pretty confident that making a resolution to not yell at my child anymore just simply won't stick, so why not do things that I can feel good about!?

Happy New Year!!!