Subscription Healthy Kids Snacks? Yes, Please!

When we heard about Great Kids Snacks, we had to know more! I think we all struggle to find HEALTHY options for our kids to toss in our bags, strollers, cars...anywhere. Kids get picky and want something new and moms get frustrated at trying to find original and healthy options. Enter Great Kids Healthy Snacks! We chose the 30 snacks per month option and split it between the two of us. The theory is, you have a new snack to try every single day. We were so impressed with the variety and selection and it was definitely hard to choose who got what! (picture trading candy with your siblings on Halloween!) They have a 20 snacks per month option as well if you think you could use a little less. It also came with a coupon off of one of the brands we both got to try. It was overflowing as you can see and we knew that not only did WE want to subscribe to this individually for our kids, but we had to score you all a deal to do the same! So, naturally, we did!

Head to their site here and use the code LITTLE25 for 25% off your order of the 30 snack box!!

And try not to eat too many of your kids' snacks once they arrive!