Holiday Treats the Kids Can Help Make

I was raised Jewish in a very non-Jewish community. I had no Jewish friends until I went to college, actually. So, when Christmas and Hanukkah rolled around, I was always jealous of Christmas. My friends were jealous that we had 8 days because they always thought it was 8 days of Christmas....meaning piles of presents for those 8 days. I was jealous of the tree and the stockings. The magic, I guess. My mom LOVES holidays and festivity outside of traditions, so there were obscene amounts of decoration for a holiday NOT known for decor. There were also SO many crafts and treats being made.

When my husband and I moved in together and we could get a tree, I was SO excited! I still am. Every year. Way more than him. Can't wait to decorate! To get our tree, to put our color-coordinated decorations on it and around the apartment and to hang our stockings by the menorah with care.

Now that Kane is 2 and SO into holidays, I am trying to do crafts and treats with him as each holiday rolls around. We tested out some easy recipes (thanks, Pinterest!) that he could help me with and truth be told, he did most of the work! We had a really fun morning and he was so proud of his work!

First up, we made some Grinch Pops. It's literally stabbing a green grape, a banana slice, a raspberry (or strawberry) and a mini marshmallow) on a long toothpick. Easy, cute and mostly healthy!

Next up, was a Hanukkah treat. I recommend letting toddlers dip with chocolate only if they are first stripped....what a mess! We took pretzel sticks, dipped them in melted chocolate chips, and then he went to town with the sprinkles once I laid them out in the appropriate shape. If you don't have a Silpat mat, I recommend parchment or wax paper to avoid sticking. Then, I popped the tray in the fridge to solidify and finally, we ate one!

Happy Holidays!