My Makeup Cleanse

If you're anything like me, you've have a drawer FULL of makeup....but you use the same 4-5 products every single morning.

Why did I need that eyeshadow palette with 10 shades of purple? Who convinced me to buy this hot pink lipstick that looks terrible on me? How do I use this liquid eyeliner anyway?

It was time for a make-up cleanse, and my friend, makeup artist and eyebrow guru (see my eyebrow transformation HERE), Jenn Dock. I had been telling Jenn about my makeup drawer full of stuff I didn't use, and how every time I buy makeup, I get different recommendations of colors and products to use. I needed help.

As a mom, I have different needs now. I don't need (or have time for) so many different steps and layers of foundation. I don't need dramatic eyes and a bold lip for my nights out at the bar. I need a fresh, clean and easy daily look that is quick and efficient. I need to feel good about myself and be able to achieve my morning look in the precious 15 minutes I have while Elmo entertains my toddler.

So, Jenn came over and went through everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. We discussed my face wash and moisturizers. She went through all my makeup brushes (that was kinda embarrassing!) and of course all of my makeup. She told me what to keep, what to toss and what shades of purple to never buy again.

I got some great lessons on makeup, cleaning brushes, shelf-life of products and some of her favorite brands to purchase. It was so refreshing go through this all with someone who knows that they are talking about and doesn't work for a specific brand. We discussed SO many different products from many different brands.

The BEST part is, she made a list of all the stuff I needed (new makeup brushes were definitely on there) and we set up a date to go shopping! I can't wait for my shopping trip with Jenn and will definitely post more then.

Until then, call Jenn! She can come to your house and help you with your very own makeup cleanse! She has a great deal on the HookUp card!


Jenn is a makeup loving Jersey girl who works her magic on TV & Movie sets, professional photoshoots and so much more. She is available for eyebrow shaping, makeup application, cleanses, personal shopping and bridal parties. She is a vendor of the 2017 LH HookUp card.

Jennifer Dockendorf, JD Artistry

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