LH Spotlight: Genuardi Custom Tailor

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Meet Joseph Genuardi. He is a master bespoke tailor and one of Hoboken's coolest stories.

After studying industrial design (yeah...industrial!) Joseph became intrigued by fabrics and textiles. He transitioned his attention to learning the craft of tailoring. Hidden away in Hoboken's Neumann Leather building, Joseph Genuardi is a true artist and craftsman, tailoring shirts and suits for men of stature. From President Obama to Robert De Niro, Michael Bloomberg and the cast of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, Genuardi's one-of-a-kind creations are works of art.

Genuardi works with the finest cottons and linens. Each shirt and suit starts with an individual pattern made after taking over 20 different measurements. Each detail is custom; including cuff styles, collar heights, collar point lengths, monogram fonts, colors, and placement, body posture, slimness, and more. Each piece is made entirely by hand, guided by Joseph himself.

A look inside his workshop is like taking a step back in time. You feel the old-world charm and can just imagine the care and attention to detail that is in every single stitch. It's the way it used to be done...the way it should be done.

Genuardi Tailor is one of the 2017 Little Hoboken HookUp vendors, offering $50 off any purchase of $450 or more. With shirts starting at $165, you can use this deal to get your guy a few custom shirts that will make him feel like a million bucks. Gift certificates also available!

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